Chhattisgarh Sarkar Direct Money Transfer to Bank Account of Right to Education Act Ammount: Big Decision of School Education Department

Raipur: Decision of School Education Department: Right to Education Act amount will be made available directly in bank account

Raipur, 04 December 2020

Under the Right to Education (RTE) Act, the amount given to private schools will now be made directly available in their bank accounts. The school education department has taken this decision with a view to simplify and facilitate this process. It is noteworthy that RTE in the state After the enactment of the Act, 25 percent of the students admitted to non-government schools were paid by providing allotment at the district level. Under the Right to Education, children belonging to the poverty line category are admitted to private schools and the fees for these children are provided by the state government.

    Giving this information, the officials of the School Education Department said that with this decision, the beneficiary schools will get the funds directly in their account at the same time without any discrimination. There will be many benefits from this process, the first time the amount of time it takes to reach the school from the state office of the amount will be reduced. Apart from this, all institutions and offices will be able to check that, how much amount has been provided in the district, each school-wise, and how much is to be paid in future. As a result, while releasing the second installment of the grant, it would not be necessary to get information about the demand for funds from the districts and institutions. In this way, this process will be continuously useful and user friendly. This will also help in getting funds from the central government in future. In each session, it can be assessed that about six thousand private schools in the state have been given RTE. What is the actual amount required under

    School Education Department officials said that for the education session 2018-19, an amount of Rs 45 crore is being deposited in 1932 private schools directly through the bank into their accounts. The amount for the education session 2020-21 will also be deposited in the accounts of schools soon.