Chhattisgarh Sarkar Training for Oxygen Plant in the Government Hospitals, Medical Colleges

Training is being given to the employees for running the Oxygen Plant in the Government Hospitals, Medical Colleges.

Raipur 4 May 2021 Due to the Covid-19 epidemic in the state of Chhattisgarh, the demand for oxygen in various health centers is increasing. Keeping this in view, as per requirement, oxygen production plants, liquid oxygen tanks or central oxygen pipeline are being set up in district hospitals, medical colleges and dedicated Kovid-19 hospitals through which uninterrupted oxygen supply will be ensured. .
    Director Health Services Neeraj Bansod informed that biomedical engineers, pharmacists, technicians etc. are being trained in the districts to ensure the availability of trained human resources for operating these plants, oxygen pipeline. 86 employees have been trained so far.
   There are 15 oxygen plants operating in the medical colleges and hospitals of the state and 5 new ones are being started.