Chhattisgarh School Student Assessment from class 1st to 8th from this month: Nodal officers at district, block and cluster level

Chhattisgarh School Student Assessment from class 1st to 8th from this month: Nodal officers at district, block and cluster level

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, Monday, 19 October 2020

   The school education department has to assess the competencies of all children in the state at the primary and middle school level every month. For this, the District Mission Coordinator of all the districts will be the district nodal officer. The District Nodal Officer will complete the assessment of all the children of his district from class I to VIII in a period of time. This assessment will be conducted in this education session every month from October. In this regard, a meeting of all the District Mission Coordinators of the State was organized today by the State Council of Educational Research and Training. In the meeting, the state level officials gave guidelines related to the assessment to the district mission coordinators.

    The work of teaching and learning of school children in urban and rural areas under 'Padhai Tuhar Duar' is going on continuously in various districts of the state. Online classes are being conducted under the Padhai Tuhar Duar, online classes are conducted by Padhai Tuhar Para, Loud Speaker Classes and Bulutu Bol from last month. Assessment work will be done from this month to assess the level of children studying in these classes running for about five months. According to the Principal Secretary School Education, these children will be evaluated by the teachers to assess the competencies built on the basis of class-wise learning out-of-line children. District Nodal Officers have been asked to appoint Nodal Officers at the block and cluster level for the assessment of children soon.

    The main purpose of the meeting is how teachers should assess the children, what will be the method of assessment, how will the record of assessment be maintained, how will the basis of the assessment be made, how to use the 'Padhai Tuhar Duar' portal in the assessment, these All topics were discussed in detail. The District Mission Coordinators of some districts requested to be irrigated at the state level, which would be validated by the State Officer and assured to be conducted in the next 10 days.

    In the meeting, SCERT Joint Director of Dr. Yogesh Shivhare, Deputy Director of Holistic Education Mr. Kaushik, Deputy Director of Directorate of Public Education Mr. Markam, SCERT. Assistant Director of Shri AK Saraswat and Shri Hardel of Holistic Education, NIC Members of the technical team were present.