Chhattisgarh's Tourist Spot Mainpat Mahotsava 2022

Chhattisgarh Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahariya attended the closing ceremony of Mainpat Mahotsava

C-mart and Humic Acid Manufacturing Unit Inauguration

Under the chairmanship of Chief Hospitality and Culture Minister Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat, Urban Administration and Development Minister of Chhattisgarh Government, Dr. Shivkumar Dahariya, the closing ceremony of the three-day Mainpat Mahotsav concluded. On this occasion, C-Mart operated in Ambikapur and Humic Acid manufacturing unit at Sohga Gothan were inaugurated. Along with this, the Gothan calendar was also released.

Addressing the function, Minister-in-Charge Dr. Shivkumar Dahria said that the fame of Mainpat Mahotsav is increasing year after year and this is the reason why this festival is now being recognized at the national level as well. In the festival, colorful cultural performances are given by artists from local to national level. He said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, our government is making continuous efforts to advance the art and culture of Chhattisgarh. It is working towards giving Chhattisgarh a separate identity in the country.

Publicity is being done on a wide scale by putting up exhibitions of public welfare schemes run by various departments of the government at the festival site, which will benefit the general public. He said that the concept of our government is that every person should get the benefit of the schemes of the government under Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh. If the information about the schemes is made available to the public representatives and the implementation of the scheme will be done by the officials, then all the people will get its benefit.

Congratulating the successful organization of Mainpat Mahotsav, Culture Minister Shri Amarjeet Bhagat said that along with preserving and promoting the art culture, development works are also being done at a rapid pace. Work is also being done to make Mainpat a center of attraction. He said that every year a new chapter is being added in Mainpat Mahotsav. This time a wrestling competition was organized for the first time in the festival, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the residents. Now every year wrestling competition will be organized in the festival.
CGMSC President and Lundra MLA Dr. Pritam Ram said that everyone eagerly waits for Mainpat Mahotsav.

People enjoy the wonderful program organized here. The concept of development of Surguja has been presented by the district administration by organizing the festival brilliantly. Surguja Development Authority Vice-Chairman and MLA Ramanujganj Shri Brihaspat Singh said that Mainpat is known for its natural beauty and cultivation of tau and potato. With the organization of the festival, it is now being recognized at the national level. On this occasion, Member of Chhattisgarh Cow Service Commission Shri Atal Bihari Yadav, Superintendent of Police Shri Amit Tukaram Kamble, Chief Conservator of Forest Shri Anurag Shrivastava, District Panchayat CEO Shri Vinay Kumar Langeh, along with other public representatives, officers-employees and a large number of spectators were present.