Chonnikarn Supittayaporn is CROWNED Miss World Thailand 2023

Chiang Mai gets New Thai Queen Miss Thailand 2023

Sun, Mar 19, 2023: Reigning Queen Manita Farmer Miss Thailand 2022 has just crowned her successor, The Winner Against 46 Contestants, Chiang Mai's Chonnikarn Supittayaporn as Miss Thailand / Miss World Thailand 2023 at the end of Grand Finale in Chaeng Watthana Hall, Central Chaeng Watthana, Nonthaburi Starting which started LIVE at 7pm GMT+7 / 8am EDT. The Full Coronation Gala Show is Here to Watch which was streamed live:

The Court of Chonnikarn Supittayaporn Miss Thailand / Miss World Thailand 2023 (ชนนิกานต์ สุพิทยาพร นางสาวไทย ประจำปี 2566) includes Marisa Phonthirat 1st Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023, Arabella Sitanan Gregory 2nd Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023, Kanokporn Payungwong 3rd Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023 and Supansa Wattananusit 4th Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023. Check FULL Results Here!!!

Newly Crowned Thai Beauty Queen Chonnikarn Supittayaporn Miss World Thailand 2023 will represent her nation Thailand at the upcoming 71ST Miss World 2023 Pageant where at the end of Grand Finale in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Karolina Bielawska Miss World 2021-22 will crown her successor in May 2023.

The 6th Chonnikarn (as she calls herself) Chonnikarn Supittayaporn is 24 born on Friday, April 10, 1998. She is President at Chiang Mai University Student Union, Staff at Democratic Youth Parliament who is studying at Youth Speakers Club. The 6th Chonnikarn has studied at Faculty of Pharmacy Chiang Mai University, at Prince Royal's College. She lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Contestant's Statement

องค์กรนางสาวไทย ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ
นางสาวไทย ประจำปี 2566 
MT 09 เชียงใหม่
ชนนิกานต์ สุพิทยาพร

17.03.23 My Preliminary round 💛💙💗 for Miss Thailand 2023

Karn would like to thank the Miss Thai Stage 2023 for giving Kan the opportunity to show his potential. Thank you CP, Miss Thai Chiang Mai Division. Thank you Kru Meow and students from Anusarn Sunthon School for the Deaf. And all supporters, both in the foreground and behind the scenes. Thank you to all media that present Kan's story. Thanks to all the supporters both in front of the stage and online, Kan is very happy with Kan's first national stage. Thank you for all comments. Karn will continue to improve himself. See you on the final day on 19 March.

Special thanks to
Miss Healthy beauty 2023 by @siaminnohealth @ornapril 💗🫶🏻🥺

Makeup @bobbymakeup_by_jirat
Hair @top_toffymakeup
Thai dress @a_ga_mes_official
Swimsuit @unix_wear
Evening gown @oatcouture_dresses


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Image in White Artistic Shirt: Artwork from Silent World “ Forward to the inspiration
The voice that says I want to make my dreams come true.
The voice that says I want a good job opportunity.
The voice that says the need for social acceptance
..... Is the voice of the hearing impaired
Because we believe that EVERYONE has a calling in their heart.
'The power of sound from the silent world' is inspiring.
Ready to pass the value on it
To people around us, society and the planet.
To make a change together for a better future
Live with 'value'.
Karn therefore chose to present the project “I’m possible. Everything is possible and don’t let limitations limit our abilities.”
Engaging Kanth in promoting and developing the potential of children, young people with hearing impairment. Continuously.
I also brought art work, imagination of children's dreams from Sotseka Anusar Sunthon school, province. Chiang Mai
Designed and tailored as a dress worn in the round. Attitude interview this time.
Thank you very much to all the brothers and sisters for creating such a valuable work with me today. We will move forward together and will never leave anyone behind. Thank you from my heart.