Claim objection for Jagdalpur Development Assistant and Assistant Grade-3 vacant posts till September 14

Jagdalpur, 4 September 2021: Claim objections have been invited till 14 September 2021 for the vacant posts for contractual appointment under the District Mineral Institute Trust scheme in the office of District Panchayat Bastar. Under the District Mineral Institute Trust Scheme, applications were invited for contractual appointment on the vacant posts of Development Assistant and Assistant Grade-3. After the preliminary scrutiny of the application forms, the list has been published for the claim objection for the filling of the vacant posts.

Which can be seen on the information board of District Panchayat Bastar and on the website of the district The information and documents presented by the candidates shown in the above list, such as educational certificate, caste, experience, residence certificate and if any party has any objection in relation to the applicant (there is any error in the published list), then the applicant or any party for correction You can submit your representation to the inward branch of the District Panchayat office with necessary evidence and proofs during the official period till September 14, 2021.

Claim/objections received after the stipulated date and time will not be considered.