CM Bhupesh Baghel's eyes moist as he holds back tears on Sentimental Madhu's Story

Compassionate appointment received within a month of husband's death: Madhu got emotional while expressing gratitude to Chief Minister: Chief Minister's eyes moistened

Raipur, June 11, 2021 Today Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel's eyes became moist when Mrs. Madhu Belchandan expressed his gratitude towards the Chief Minister for getting a job in the post of Assistant Grade 3 in Government Higher Secondary School Rawa within a month after the death of her husband. Expressing gratitude, she cried emotionally.

In fact, on May 5, her husband Shri Satish Kumar Belchandan, who was posted as a class 2 teacher in the pre-secondary school Aamdi, died of corona. He told that he applied in the office of the District Education Officer and acting on it promptly and sensitively, he got a compassionate appointment in the Education Department on June 3. She considers this compassionate appointment as a great source of livelihood for her family. Because after the death of her husband, her elderly mother-in-law, two children are in the family whose responsibility is now in Madhu's shoulder. In such a situation, compassionate appointment will help in maintenance.

Expressing gratitude to Chief Minister Mr. Baghel in the virtual program of Bhoomi Pujan and inauguration of various development works in Dhamtari district, Mrs. Madhu said that due to the sensitivity of the Chief Minister, compassionate appointment in the state to provide relief to the families of government servants who died due to global epidemic like Corona. It has been decided to give jobs by relaxing the rules of As a result, she also got a compassionate appointment, today she too is not considering herself financially helpless after the death of her husband.