Collector Walks 3KM to Inspect mud checkdem, stone gabion, LBCD

Collector inspected mud checkdem, stone gabion, LBCD in road banjari drain of Baganadi enclave forest: construction of about 33 structures in the drain
Due to construction of check dam, water will remain in the drain throughout the year

Rajnandgaon 26 February 2021. Collector Shri Topswar Verma inspected the soil checkdem, stone gabion, LBCD (Loose stone check dame) made in the road banjari nala under Campa item by the forest department after walking for about 3 km in the forest of road-chic school of Bagnadi enclosure. Collector Mr. Varma appreciated seeing the checkdem. He said that its construction will increase the ground water level of the surrounding area. The animals living in the forest will also get water to drink throughout the year, so that the animals will not wander outside the forest. He said that due to the formation of a check dam by this method, the water stops. Due to which the water goes easily inside the ground and the water level also increases. Assistant zone officer Shri Premlal Sahu informed that LBCD check dam has been prepared in the road Banjari Nala of Baganadi enclave in a radius of about 4 km. 33 structures have been built in the drain. Which is a good way to stop water. The soil is deepened to store water in the checkdam. It has a filling of 7 and a half feet of water. He told that in LBCD method, the stone is tied with a mesh. This reduces the flow of water and keeps it stable. Due to which the water level of the surrounding area has increased. Earlier, there was no water in the tubewells during the summer, now the water level will be increased year round. SDM Dongargarh Mr. Avinash Bhoi, SDM Dongargaon Mr. Hitesh Pisa, SDOP Dongargarh Mr. Chandresh Singh Thakur, Tehsildar Mr. Avinash Thakur and other officers were present on the occasion.