Corona Disinfection Rates Fixed, Fine Increased on Cattle Owners and FIR on Contractors for Illegal Taps, One Week Time to Regularize, Mayor Aijaz Dehebar Chairs Raipur Nigam MIC

Raipurians must take note of Today's MIC Decisions which is essential to avoid legal actions, MIC Charied by Raipur Mayor has taked many crucial decisions

  • Raipur Municipal Corporation MIC approves in public interest the proposal to increase penalty amount on cattle owners to improve traffic in the capital
  • Corona Disinfection Rates Fixed for the prevention of corona virus in government offices and private institutions in the interest of the corporation
  • One Week Time to legalize illegal tap connections, otherwise illegal taps will be cut and FIR will be on the contractor
  • Tender for Solid Waste Management of 1816 Lakhs of Public Health and Sanitation Department in MIC Meeting

May 8, 2020 Raipur - Mayor Aijaz Dhebar Chaired Today Mayor in Council Meeting of Municipal Corporation Raipur which was attended by Commissioner Saurabh Kumar, MIC Members Gyanesh Sharma, Ritesh Tripathi, Srikumar Menon, Nagabhushan Rao Yadav, Ajit Kukreja, Sameer Akhtar, Sahadev Vyavhar, Mrs. Draupati Hemant Patel, Sundarlal Rukhmani Jogi, Jitendra Agrawal, Suresh Channavar, Akash Tiwari and Corporation Additional Commissioners Lokeshwar Sahu, Pulak Bhattacharya, Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Krishna Khatik, RK Dongre, Secretary Netram Chandrakar, Health Officer AK Haldar, all Zone Commissioners, Executive Engineers, officers in charge of various departments.

At the beginning of the Corporation MIC meeting, discussion was held on the suggestion of Corporation Water Department President Satnam Singh Panag for action on illegal tap connections in the Municipal Corporation area.

Regularize You Drinking Water Tap in One Week, Visit Zone Office & Pay Fine

In Raipur Municipal Corporation area, all illegal tap connection holders were given a week's time. Last opportunity is given to validate your illegal tap connection regularization in Zone office by paying penalty fee.

If after a period of one week, illegal tap connections found running in the houses of the concerned people, will be cut and FIR to be registered against the contractor in the police station concerned to take legal action.
The list of illegal tap connections is being prepared administratively and is being finalized.

Corporation Revenue Department MIC Proposal: Unanimously approved the increase in the prescribed penalty amount for the cattle captured in the municipal area, Rs 500 from the cattle owner applicable since the year 2008. The rate of penalty is fixed with increased fine amount:

  • First Capture of Cattle / Animal on Road - Rs 1000 will be levied on owner
  • Second Time - Cattle / Animal owner has to pay Rs 1500 fine
  • Kanji House Payment: Rs 200 per day Feeding expenses will be recovered from the cattle owner.
  • On Road Cattle / Animal Third Time Capture - According to the provision of the Municipal Corporation Act, Animal will be confiscated and sent to the cowshed / Gothan / Goshala

Raipurians must take care of of domesticated animal / cattle or dairy cattle that it is not found strayed on streets or roads otherwise you know the fine figures. 

Mayor Aijaz Dhebar said that as per the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, new Gowthan and Gaushalas will be built at various places to make the capital city Cattle Free Raipur and to facilitate traffic. Gothan system will be managed systematically through the institutions / NGOs.
This is an innovative effort for proper Cow protection and care in Chhattisgarh.
Cattle Free Raipur Capital is the highest priority with Raipur Municipal Corporation.

MIC Proposal of Corona Virus Prevention Disinfection Rate Corporation Health Department
For the prevention of corona virus, it is necessary to do necessary disinfections at the approved rate by adding a 10 percent supervision fee of Rs 2613. According to the rate of hourly per team (team member no. 2), government, semi-government offices, private institutions, individuals have given unanimous approval.

In the previous MIC, on March 13, 2020, the minimum tender rate was Rs. 2375. Hourly per team was approved, adding GST to which Kovid-19 disinfection charges total Rs 2613. Hourly per team set.

There is continuous demand for sanitization of government, semi-government institutions, private institutions, such as hotels, private offices, shops, lodges, marriage halls, resident housing buildings in the municipal corporation. Disinfection is necessary to prevent the global pandemic Covid-19 spread in the Municipal Corporation Raipur area and to keep it is minimized MIC has approved the proposal in the interest of the corporation.

Tender for Solid Waste Management of 1816 Lakhs of Public Health and Sanitation Department in MIC Meeting
Tenders will be called to reduce the pollution of the surrounding area by remediation of solid waste collected in the past rains and treatment of the collected waste at the dump site located at Sarona in the Municipal Corporation Raipur area.

Under the head of infrastructure, Rs. 1816 lakh administrative and financial approval was given by the Directorate of Urban Administration and Development.
The unanimous approval of inviting tender through RFT has been given by MIC headed by Mayor Dhebar.

MIC gave in-principle consent to a total of 179 new cases of destitute pension scheme received from zones 1,4, 5, 6 and 8 and 37 new cases received from National Family Assistance Pension Scheme from zones 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8.

The matter will be placed in the general body of the corporation as per rules.

Corporation MIC has sanctioned Rs 95 lakh 69 thousand 389 for the work of shifting the pre-built commercial complex near Devendra Nagar Tiraha under the Infrastructure head. The minimum rate of expenditure and financial expenditure was unanimously approved.

Due to the high density of population in Devendra Nagar Tiraha in Jail Road, Officers Colony, Clothes Market, Express Highway under construction and Devendra Nagar, there is heavy pressure of traffic in Devendra Nagar Tiraha every morning and evening. The traffic pressure in the area will be reduced as road widening work is done by breaking the boundary wall of the officers colony and shifting the business premises. The amount is expected from government. Therefore, the work order is given in anticipation of the episode.
MIC approved after public interest in the case.

In the meeting, Mayor Aijaz Dhebar suggested in the interest of corporation officers and employees that Raipur Municipal Corporation considered the idea of ​​collective health insurance of all corporation officers and employees as a better option of medical reimbursement.
So that through this, the immediate benefit of medical reimbursement can be obtained to the concerned corporation officers and employees through the insurance company.
In this regard, Commissioner Saurabh Kumar instructed the officers to take necessary information as per rules and to take necessary action in the interest of corporation officers and employees as per government rules.

MIC member Sundar Jogi pointed to the pipeline leakage in the ward.
Executive Engineer UK Rathia of Amrit Mission informed about the removal of pipeline leakages in the ward.

MIC reimbursed Rs 137099 to Medical Assistant Grade-2 Rajesh Dubey for his own kidney related treatment. Approved the proposal of.

As per the proposal of the General Administration Department, the matter was unanimously approved for the appointment of retired Superintending Engineer RK Chaubey of PHE for the post of Chief Engineer on the vacant post for 1 year on contractual basis.

After the expiry contract appointment on 18 June 2020, Senior Sanitation Inspector CS Srivastava was proposed to be temporary appointment for one year on contractual basis, was approved by MIC.

In principle approval was given by MIC to Assistant Revenue Inspector of Zone 5, Deepak Sonekar, after retire on 30 April 2020 for grant of appointment on contractual basis for a period of 1 year.

In the meeting of MIC, under the filter plant of Municipal Corporation Raipur, the estimated expenditure of Rs. 1 crore 53 lakh 37 thousand 352 for changing filter media in 80 and 150 MLD water plant. The consensus of has been confirmed. For this, the last date for receipt of the tender called on 25 April, in anticipation of the acceptance of MIC by the Mayor, has been kept on 16 May 2020.

According to the proposal of the General Administration Department in the MIC meeting, the tender for providing 43 computer operators and 2 stenographers for 12 months on private placements in various departments of the corporation headquarters was issued on 27 February 2020.
Official work was blocked due to the lock down period and the closed envelopes received till 23 March 2020 were not opened in the absence of tenderers.
Tender proceedings could not be completed.
In order to continue the IT work of the corporation, as per the written consent obtained from the former contractual tenderer Messrs Call Me Services, the additional expenditure due to 2 extensions of Rs 14 lakh 59 thousand 108 and revised total expenditure 1 crore 14 lakh 83 thousand 414 unanimously approved as per clearance received from Mayor Aijaz Dhebar.