Corona Guidelines for Chhattisgarh factories and establishments

Labor Commissioner issued guidelines for management of factories and establishments of the state to prevent infection with corona virus

    Chhattisgarh News, 19 March 2020 Necessary guidelines have been issued for the management of factories and establishments of the state for the prevention and control of infection with Corona virus (Kovid-19) around the world and in the country. Instructions to this effect, Labor Commissioner cum Chief Factory Inspector, Mr. Sonamani Bora, said that all the Deputy Labor Commissioners of the state, the Secretary of Chhattisgarh Bhawan and other construction workers welfare board, welfare commissioner of labor welfare board, all the deputy directors of industrial health and safety, deputy director of Highgin Lab Directors, Assistant Directors, Assistant Labor Commissioners and Labor Officers. He has asked all factories-establishments and trade unions to ensure strict compliance of the instructions issued.
    It has been said in the letter that you should be motivated to wash your hands in the workplace complex. For this, space for hand washing should be ensured in all the work premises and adequate arrangements of soap and sanitizer should be made for workers, customers and visitors. The directive also states that:

    If any workers are ill, they should be encouraged to stay at home and be informed about the state helpline number 0771-2235091A 97133-73165 and toll free number 104. Direct the public transport facility not to use when given symptoms of Kovid-19.
    Encourage workers to take respiratory practices and precautions, including covering the mouth during coughs and sneezes.
    As far as possible, it may be considered to implement a convenient time schedule to work from home or at a convenient workplace.
    As far as possible, encourage workers to minimize the use of other workers' phones, office desks or other equipment at the workplace.
    As far as possible avoid collecting workers or groups of workers at work place or meeting.
    It is important to take necessary steps for early identification of potentially infected persons and to separate workers, customers, visitors and others from infected persons.
    Employers should give complete information about Kovid-19 to their workers / employees and encourage employees to take precautions to protect it.
    Internal arrangements and policy should be formulated to report if the employer employees are ill or experience symptoms of Kovid-19.
    Internal identification policy should be adopted for identification of potential infected persons and for necessary medical facility. Workers / employees who have symptoms of Kovid-19 should be isolated from other workers, customers and visitors. Most of the workplaces do not have specific isolation rooms, so necessary reviews should be done and a convenient location should be determined in case of any such situation.
    If a foreign delegation / officer / employee has visited the premises recently or officer / staff has visited some foreign places or any future travel is possible, the employer will inform the district administration as well as the nearest government hospital.
    The employer should provide face masks to his officers / employees if required.
    In view of the present situation, the people seeking medical benefits / medical leave due to other reasons should not be put under undue pressure for medical certificate, as presently almost all hospitals, doctors and staff are busy to protect Kovid-19.
    Employers should see to it that if any of their officer / employee's family members are ill, then provide them facility or facility to take care of them.
    As far as possible, telecommunication or other measures should be implemented instead of face-to-face meetings.
    The pressure of presence of more employees in any shift should be reduced as much as possible and additional shifts should also be considered.
    Maintain regular housekeeping arrangements, including regular cleaning, disinfecting equipment and other elements of the work environment. The selection of chemicals should be done in such a way that it helps to destroy potential viral pathogens. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the use of disinfection products. Regular hand railings, etc. should be disinfected.
    Maintain proper hygiene in the canteen / dining room. In the canteen, the food to be kept at the buffet counters should be constantly monitored and disinfected if it is a baby house / cradle house / crèche.
    Public address system / MIC system should be established and workers should be made aware of the possible characteristics / factors from Kovid-19.
    In addition to the above points, ensure strict compliance with the instructions of the Government of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of Chhattisgarh issued from time to time in this regard.
    If possible, screen all workers / visitors with an infrared (IR) thermometer before entering the premises.
    The biometric attendance of the employees should be postponed.
    Awareness campaign should be conducted for the symptoms of Corona virus (Kovid-19) and a banner, poster and notice board should be installed in the institute for complete information related to it.