Corporation Zone 8 effectively stopped illegal plotting in about 2 acres of private land in Hirapur Jarway, FIR will be on real land owner soon

Hirapur Jarway Illegal Plotting has to face legal action with FIR in Police

Raipur 29 June 2020 - Today, according to the order of Municipal Corporation Raipur Commissioner Saurabh Kumar, the team of Municipal Corporation Zone 8 Municipal Town Planning Department has stopped the illegal plotting on about 2 acres of private land in Hirapur Jarway area of ​​Veer Savarkar Nagar Ward No. 1.

Raipur Nigam Zone 8's Commissioner Arun Dhurav led team including Executive Engineer Rakesh Gupta, Zone City Planning Sub Engineer Ajit Singh Rathore stopped illegal plotting of Hirapur Jarway area, whose images are shown here.

Raipur Corporation Zone 8 Commissioner Arun Dhruv said that on getting public complaints right, illegal plotting on about 2 acres of private land in Veer Savarkar Nagar Ward Hirapur Jarwaiy area was prevented successfully. With the help of 3D, the work of cutting off the Muram Road, made there by unknown illegal plotting person was done. The corporation is contacting Raipur Tehsildar by letter to get information about the actual land owner soon.

Raipur Municipal Corporation will get FIR registered
As soon as the information of the actual land owner is obtained, in compliance with the order of the Municipal Corporation Commissioner, an FIR will be registered in the police station concerned to take strict legal action against the illegal landowning plotting citizen as per the provisions of the Corporation Act.