Covid Vaccine Used Vial Disposal as Per GoI Orders: Dr. Raghuraj Singh

Disposal of used voices as per the guidelines issued by the Centre.

Jaipur, June 3. 2021 Under the Covid vaccination campaign, the guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry are being fully followed in the state. The disposal of used voids and bio-medical waste is also being done as per the guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry. As a result of efforts to minimize the wastage of vaccine, the wastage of vaccine is zero in 18-44 age group and only 2 percent in above 45 age group as compared to 10 percent allowed by the center and national average of 6 percent in the state.

Project Director Vaccination Dr. Raghuraj Singh clarified that the disposal of used and discarded viols is also being done completely as per the prescribed norms in all the vaccination sessions of the state. The vial of the Kovid-19 vaccine can be used only within a period of four hours after opening. Each vial contains 10 doses and after the stipulated period of 4 hours from opening, the remaining doses are considered discarded.

Dr Raghuraj Singh informed that as per the guidelines, used, discarded and expired vials are stored in yellow bags. Guidelines have also been issued by the Union Health Ministry regarding disposal of used, discarded and expired voids. According to these guidelines, viols stored in yellow bags are chemically treated by autoclaving or boiling them in hot water for 10 minutes or in 1% sodium hypochlorite solution for 30 minutes. It is then handed over to the Common Treatment Facility. When common treatment facilities are not available, these voids are disposed of by digging a safety pit.

Project Director Vaccination made it clear that there is no wastage of vaccine in any district in the state. Every single dose of usable vaccine is being used to the maximum and it is absolutely untrue to say that usable vaccine vials are being dumped in dustbins or buried in pits.
The protocol chart issued by the Union Health Ministry in this regard is attached.