CrypWorld, Mainnet release for gold based stable coin service

CrypWorld (CW) represents a shared economy model based on the blockchain P2P and the gold backed digital currency. Mr. JunHo Chon, CEO of CrypWorld Korea, has announced an exciting new launch of the CrypWorld Mainnet that is designed to provide optimized solution for registration and trading of real assets and gold. 

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CEO JunHo Chon says, the launch has been made possible through a joint effort with Protocon who has been closely working together as technical consultant and partner for the project.

The rapid improvement of the blockchain technology and wider acceptance of digital assets in the financial system has brought an unprecedented expansion of the Crypto industry.

Together with ever increasing number of new businesses participating in the virtual world NFT and Metaverse, more researchers are focusing to develop independent mainnets for the decentralized blockchain platform and customized application.

CW model is like a new concept digital jewelry shop that can operate to store value and trade both virtual and real assets. They can also operate Metaverse gallery and the CrypWorldShops using gold backed CW blockchain technology. 

Gold has always been accepted as dependable means of exchange and settlement.  Its secure value can support a Crypto asset to function as a stable currency in the digital world.

CrypWorld Korea has released its plan to provide platform for gold trade on-and-offline through its network of Metaverse type CrypWorldShops where storage, exhibition and exchange of real gold can be made possible.

The launching of CW mainnet will support decentralized blockchain technology, strengthen P2P trade and provide platform for stable gold backed CW digital assets. The launch will also signal CrypWorld's ongoing commitment to continually expand its CrypWorldShop network and take a step forward to lead the world's mainnet market in partnership with Protocon.

CrypWorld currently holds patents relating to the verification and transfer of digital ownership documents, actively listed with Bittrex global, has good representation of the CrypWorldShops, and maintains technological excellence in staying ahead to provide the industry with an ideal platform that connects both the real and digital world.