DANNEX White Amchur: A Story of Value Addition for Women in Dantewada

Dantewada: The taste of white Amchur of Dantewada will give a new identity to the district: Amchur's value addition will increase the income of women

Amchur / Aamchur / Aamchoor / Amchoor is Dried Green Mango Slices Powder

Dantewada, June 11, 2021 Under the guidance of Collector Deepak Soni, the women of self-help groups of the district are giving a new identity to the district. Mangoes are dried by them from plucking, cleaning, peeling and cutting into small pieces, which is then converted into amchur powder. The women of the self-help group told that they pluck raw mangoes from the forest from the trees, wash them thoroughly 2-3 times, take out the skins, cut them into small pieces and dry them in the sun.

After drying the mango pieces are ready to make amchur powder. Which was earlier sold as raw material in the market. But this time, women will not sell mangoes as raw materials after drying them. Rather it will be processed in the form of powder and sold in the market. This will not only add value to Amchur, but it will also become another source of income for women. The women told that they have been given training by the district administration. Earlier, mango peels were removed in the traditional way with an iron ajar or a knife. Due to which the mango used to turn black under the influence of iron. Due to which its price was low. A steel knife or oyster shell is used so that the amchur does not turn black. Women are selling raw material to Denex at the rate of Rs.70-80 per kg. Value addition is being done by Danex in the rate of Amchur by processing and packaging the white mango. Due to which women are getting benefits in every way.

It will be sold under the name of Amchur Danex. Amchur produced in the district will be marketed under the brand name Danex i.e. Dantewada NEXT. Denex is Dantewada's own brand and other products of this brand, which include clothes made in Nava Dantewada Garments Factory, jaggery packets made from Chhind Ras, organic grains, Kadaknath chicken and RO water have been recognized.