Decision of disciplinary action against the superintendent for irregularities found in Dudu's state hostel

Jaipur, 22 October 2021. Social Justice and Empowerment Department's Government Secretary Dr. Samit Sharma and Director Mr. O.P. Weaver conducted a surprise inspection of the Government Ambedkar Hostel Dudu on Friday. It was decided to take disciplinary action against the hostel superintendent if irregularities were found during the inspection.

The Secretary of State said that despite the instructions to organize all the hostels in repeated video conferences, gross irregularities were found in the Government Hostel of Dudu. There was not only lack of cleanliness but also the records were not maintained properly. Therefore, it has been decided to give charge sheet to the hostel superintendent, Shri Ramkaran Gurjar.

The Government Secretary also directed all the district in-charge and district level officers to take proper supervision by paying adequate attention to all the institutions of the department.