Discover 40 YEARS Celebration Events: Happy Birth Emporio Armani on Brand’s 40TH Anniversary

The Lifestyle Ways Are Urban With Emporio Armani Since 1981! It is time for celebrating its 40th anniversary with spectacular, fashion enthusiasts most desired gala, special events series and the brand initiatives, glorious showcasing of the brand’s democratic, dynamic spirit, Its Urban lifestyle Icons Since 1981. 

The globally loved label has been observing urban lifestyles and interpreting them with a modern, inclusive attitude creating waves around fashion worth always attracting, generating and keep growing tribes of ardent followers including Top Movie Stars, Boasting The Emporio Armani Brand Assets even in their movies too.

Such is the Emporio Armani Happy Birth The Lifestyle Creator!!!

Now check the list of 40 YEARS Celebration Events in Emporio Armani on Brand’s Happy 40TH Anniversary:

The Spring & Summer Women's and Men's Fashion Show 2022 LIVE on Sept. 23, 2021 at 4.00 BST

The Way We Are Armani Emporio 40 YEARS Celebration Exhibition Event ARMANI / SILOS LIVE on Sept. 24. 2021
Under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, Sposnered by BMW Milano and In Support of Save The Children

The Armani Emporio Magazine Voume 1 The Way We are 40 Years with Mars Planet Picture in Cover Launch on Sept. 23, 2021: Must Feel The Living in the Moment an Armani World Omnipresent Theme Flowing in The Spectacular Magazine Pages. The magazine editor as in previous issues is Rosanna Armani, on sale from September 23rd after launch.

About the Armani Group
The Armani Group is one of the world’s leading fashion companies. The Group designs, manufactures, distributes and directly retails apparel, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, furniture and home decor. The Group is headed by Giorgio Armani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. A keen observation of contemporaneity, coupled with a flexible business model, has marked the success and growth of the Group.

Synonymous with lifestyle and elegance, the Armani/Casa line is linked to the Giorgio Armani luxury universe and, through its Interior Design Studio, provides a service fully tailored towards private individuals and property developers, from the conceptual phase to the supervision of the project execution.

2 Past Videos which has Group Head Georgia Armani and one Latest News Video

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