Dominican Republic's Kimberly Jimenez in Top 5: Miss Universe 2021 Hollywood Results Online

Kimberly Jiménez was born in Puerto Rico, but was raised in the Dominican Republic and is the daughter of a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother. She is working toward a double BA in forensic sciences and business administration, while also working as a model and stage actress. As Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2020, she is one of the five Afro-Latin delegates who have had the honor of being crowned Miss Universe Dominican Republic. Kimberly actively supports an orphanage in her hometown, La Romana, and helps children who’ve faced abuse and homelessness. She’s also a founding member of the Dominican Republic Women’s Club, an institution dedicated to providing services to women with breast cancer. Raised in an all-women household led Kimberly to become passionate about sisterhood and strives for unity among all women.