Dr. Priyanka Shukla Virtual Presentation in 7th NHM National Summit on Good, Replicable Practices

Raipur: Union Health Ministry appreciated the innovations being made in the health sector in Chhattisgarh: Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Director of National Health Mission gave a presentation on the innovations at the seventh National Health Summit from Video Conference

7th National Health Summit on Good Replicable Practice & Innovation in Public Health Care System was inaugurated by India's Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on 28 December 2020

Raipur. 07 January 2021

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has appreciated the innovative steps taken to provide better health facilities to the people in Chhattisgarh. Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Director of National Health Mission in 7th National Health Summit on Good Replicable Practice & Innovation in Public Health Care System organized by the Ministry, through video conference about various innovations being made for public health and family welfare in the state Gave a presentation from He informed about the new initiatives being taken by the state government through power point presentations and posters.

Health Minister Shri T.S. Under the leadership of Singhdev, new initiatives are being constantly taken in the state for providing quality health facilities to the people and effective implementation of public health programs. Malaria Free Bastar Campaign at National Summit by Health Department, NLEP Leptrack, Smoke-Free Jashpur Nagar, Comprehensive Eye Care, Mitannin Online Payment, Samanit Mitan, Special Action Plan for Leprosy and the Catarization of Essential Services Act H.W.C. Experiences of innovations such as During Covid Time were shared.

The Categorization of Essential Services Act H.W.C. During Covid Time

During the Kovid epidemic, continuation of essential services was maintained by the Health and Wellness Centers of the state as per the rules laid down by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Red Zone, Orange Zone and Green Zone. In this, continuity of services like maternal health, childbirth related service, child health vaccination, communicable and non-communicable diseases, family planning related service was maintained. The activities of the Malaria Free Bastar Campaign were also conducted during this period.

Special Action Plan for Leprosy

Special innovation has been done in Chhattisgarh by identifying the two most affected districts for the complete eradication of leprosy. Under this, front line health workers were trained under National Health Mission in Durg and Raigad district and wide publicity was done through street plays, banners, rallies and other means. As many as 650 teams in Durg district and 175 teams in Raigad were surveyed door-to-door and people were tested through camps under the skin disease campaign. NLEP Monitoring of leprosy patients through Leptrack (mobile based application) as well as follow-up of leprosy patients is also being done.

Malaria Free Bastar Campaign

The malaria-free Bastar campaign was started from Bastar division on January 15, 2020, under which in the first phase, 14 lakh six thousand people were diagnosed with malaria and 64 thousand 646 people who were found positive were fully treated. At the same time, in the second phase, the health department team examined 23 lakh 75 thousand people and provided immediate treatment to 30 thousand 076 people suffering from malaria amidst the challenges of avoiding corona infection. The Malaria Free Bastar Campaign is also playing an important role in alleviating malaria as well as anemia and malnutrition.

Mitanin Online Payment System

On the initiative of the Chief Minister and Health Minister, the incentive amount of all the Mitanins of the state is being paid before the 10th of every month through the innovation Mitanin online payment system of the National Health Mission, Chhattisgarh. A special software Mitanin online payment system has been developed by the National Health Mission, Chhattisgarh at the state level in collaboration with NIC. 68 thousand 940 Mitanins of the state were registered in the software and all their details were entered. It was also verified by all the districts. After the completion of all these processes, the district-wise payment of incentive amount of Mitanins is being transferred to the accounts of all Mitanins from this month from October.
 Test match

Investigation Mitan has been appointed as an innovation by the National Health Mission to provide health facilities to the people of villages located far from the development headquarters. Samples of patients are collected at the village level by the examining team and are being sent to the nearest test center for examination. TB Sputum, Malaria Samples, Vidal and CBC by Investigation Mitan Samples are being collected for testing. This facility has been started in Patan development block of Durg district in the state.

Smoke Free Jashpur Nagar

Jashpur district was declared a smoke-free district by the Health Department in January -2020. The district has been made smoke-free under Section-4 of Kotpa. It was studied and certified by AIIMS Raipur and The Union. More than 29 thousand 400 people of the district were included in this survey and discussed.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Under the National Blindness and Blind Control Program, Chhattisgarh has targeted to register all types of eye patients. Also, all types of treatment are being made available to all registered eye patients. In addition, the operation of all cataract patients is also of high priority. At the same time, the goal is to make the state free of cornea by lighting the eyes of all the patients suffering from the cornea of ​​the state. For this, from year 2013-14, teams of health workers, PMOA and eye surgeons undertake door-to-door visits every year. During this period, cataract, glaucoma, refractive error, retina, cornea and optic nerve diseases are identified, registered and treated. Complicated cases are referred to a district hospital, medical college or RIO.

NLEP Leptrack

NLEP Leptrack is a mobile based application through which leprosy patients are monitored. Along with this, follow-up work of leprosy patients is also being done. Presently 5 districts of the state are taking care of leprosy patients through this mobile based application.