Dr. Raghu Sharma Address World Hearing Day Event in Jaipur

World Hearing Day aka World listening day: Awareness and information can be brought down in cases of deafness: Medical and Health Minister

Jaipur, 3 March 2021. Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said that the problem of deafness can be reduced to a great extent through awareness and information. He said that if every child born is screened and the elderly are also aware of this, cases of deafness such as deafness can decline.

Dr. Sharma was addressing a state level seminar on the occasion of World Hearing Day at the Panchayati Raj Institute on Wednesday. He said that the National Deafness Control and Prevention Program (NPPCD), started by the Government of India in the state, started in 12 districts in 2014-15, which is now being conducted in all the districts. Through this program, prevention of hearing loss due to illness or injury, early detection and treatment of hearing problems that reduce hearing capacity, rehabilitation of all people with deafness, institutional capacity by providing instrument materials and training. Development is being done. He said that more than 900 cochlear implants have been done by the state government.

The Health Minister said that under the program, a cloud-proof room has been constructed in each district hospital, in which the degree of deafness is tested by examining the hearing disability of all the patients. For this, modern machines and technologies such as Pureton Audiometer, Impedance Audiometer, OAE are being used. He said that the entire focus of the government is on the better health of the people of the state. This is the reason why there is a strong emphasis on strengthening the health infrastructure in the budget by the state government. The intention of the government is that no person of the state falls ill. He said that special care has been taken from the infant, adolescent to the elderly in the ten points of the 'Nirogi Rajasthan' campaign run by the state government.

Medical and Health Secretary Mr. Siddharth Mahajan said that to make this program a success, we have to explain its importance to every household and family. If every person is aware of this, then a disease like deafness will not be able to easily make a place in the society. He also instructed the doctors and officials attending the seminar to bring awareness about the program at the local level.

Director of National Health Mission, Mr. Naresh Kumar Thakral said that deafness is not an incurable disease. Diagnosis is possible with timely treatment and awareness. He informed that it is also possible to easily treat various surgeries and equipment at government expense.

Public Health Director Dr. K. K. Sharma said on the occasion that for the eradication of deafness, the experts of the state are constantly being trained and related facilities are being provided in the medical institutions, so that the public can get immediate relief.

The State In-charge Officer, Mrs. Nirmala Sharma got the presentation made through the efforts being made by the Department. Also the poster related to awareness was released. On this occasion, doctors and dignitaries from all over the state including Director RCH Dr. LS Ola were present.