Drugs Black Marketing and Hospital Irregularities Checked in Jaipur

Drug control team inspected two hospitals in Jaipur, found many irregularities

Jaipur 1 May 2021. On Saturday, on the instructions of Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma, the team formed to check the black marketing of drugs in hospitals and check the recovery over the prescribed price, inspected two hospitals in Jaipur on Saturday.

Drug Controller Mr. Rajaram Sharma said that the team inspected and examined the CKS Hospital at VKI, Jaipur and the Manipal Hospital at Vidyadhar Nagar. He said that Remedisvir injection was found to be sold in both the hospitals for Rs 5400 as against the government rate of Rs 2800. Sales bills were not maintained as per rules in both the hospitals.

Shri Sharma said that in the absence of pharmacists at Manipal Hospital, it was found to sell medicines of CDB and BH1. Both the hospitals were also found to recover more from the patients despite knowing the rate of Remedicivir injection by the state government. Reports have been submitted to the higher authorities for action against the hospitals as per rules.