Durg: Women of Bhilai are making Vedic Rakhees, hand made bracelet earrings for sisters and Vedic Rakhis for brothers in this festival of Raksha Bandhan: Designer Chhattisgarhi Rakhi

Vedic Rakhi aka Vaidik Rakhee made by Bhilai Women Group: Designer Chhattisgarhi Rakhi

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Durg: Women of Bhilai are making Vedic Rakhees, hand made bracelet earrings for sisters and Vedic Rakhis for brothers in this festival of Raksha Bandhan

Women of Self Help Group are making Designer Chhattisgarhi Rakhis in rural and urban areas
Decorate the art of the brothers with these sticks adorned with the fragrance of the soil of Chhattisgarh and help women in their journey of independence

Durg Raipur India Monday 27 July 2020:
The festival of Rakshabandhan is near. Due to the Kovid crisis, the art of brothers should not be listened to because of affection, so women are making ashes in rural and urban areas.
Among these things, there is a sense of the soil of Chhattisgarh, as well as dozens of women have got work sitting at home.
Therefore, if we buy the ashes made by the hands of these women, then not only will they be encouraged but it will also be a big contribution in this journey of self-reliance.

Bhilai women are making Vedic ash
Nidhi Chandrakar of Bhilai's self-help organization Chhattisgarh Udaan Nayi Disha gave training to dozens of women to make Vedic ash. These rakhis made of turmeric, kumkum, sandalwood, cow dung etc. have been named Vedic Rakhi.

The festival of affection of sister brother Rakshabandhan This importance of Raksha Bandhan increases its importance even more when cow dung and molly thread are included in Panchadravya.

In the country, the boycott of Chinese clans is also being heavily boycotted amidst the campaign of Boycott China.

These women have the power to turn disaster into opportunity, but they have been encouraged by the encouragement of Chhattisgarh government and Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. These women who make Vedic Rakhi believe that when the Rakhi made with hands is adorned in the wrist of the brother, that love will be felt differently.

These Vedic ashes also want to present to Chief Minister
She wants to send this cow dung Vedic Rakhi to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel as she is encouraged by his initiative to save the tradition of Chhattisgarh. Mayor Shri Devendra Yadav has also appreciated this initiative of women.

Appeal to the people of the city, decorate brother's wrist with Vedic rings
Vedic ashes are available for only 20 rupees
The director of the organization, Mrs. Nidhi Chandrakar, has been helping women learn different skills for a long time. He has added middle class and poor housewives living inside his organization and has provided training in mask making, candles, cloth bags and purse making.

Mrs. Nidhi believes that today she has the skills and if she gets the support of the citizens, then they will be self-sufficient.

In rural areas, Bihan's sisters are making home made bracelets and earrings for sisters and ashes for brothers.
This time in the festival of Raksha Bandhan, Bihan's sisters are making earrings bracelets for sisters and ashes for brothers.

In rural areas, under the Bihan scheme, women received training in making rakhi with bangles, earrings and other artificial jewelery.

In the villages, teenage girls also took part in it and are making ashes. Rakhis are being made by women in the three district panchayats of the district.

District Panchayat has also made available funds for purchasing raw materials.

Women hope that their clans and artificial jewelry will be liked in rural areas. The products of Mahila Group are available in good quality and low prices.