Elle Mark crowns Rachel Evangelisto Miss Minnesota 2022

The Miss Minnesota 2022 Winner Rachel Evangelisto will represent her state Minnesota in Miss America 2023 National Stage. Elle Mark Miss Minnesota 2021 has just crowned Rachel Evangelisto Miss Winona as new queen.

Miss Winona Rachel Evangelisto is WINNER of Red Carpet Award in Preliminary Round!!!

Newly crowned Rachel Evangelisto Miss Minnesota 2022 is Indian Child Welfare Advocate, Huŋkpapȟa Lakota Sioux and Future Tribal Attorney. She is native of Hennepin County, Minnesota and studied BS Political Science/Pre Law at University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Rachel Evangelisto describes herself as 75th Miss Winona, ICWA Guardian by day, Kung Fu fighting by night, Celebrating Culture & Driving Diversity Standing Rock Sioux.

The Official Website https://rachelevangelisto.com full of Information but just quoted here the Front Page Intro: Meet Rachel Evangelisto, the 75th Miss Winona.

Háƞ Mitákuyapi ye! Iyúškiƞyan wačhíyake ye. Wašíču iá “Rachel” emákiyapi ye. Dakhóta čhažé bduhé šni. Oyate mithawa kiƞ hunkphpha ewíčhakiyapi ye. 

Truly speechless for the honor of winning preliminary Red Carpet for Group 2 ✨ •• Huge shoutout to @thepageantshop and all of Sarah’s help in picking a gown. Honestly, when I saw the dress on the hanger I wasn’t too sure about it. But once I put it on my whole perspective changed. I LOVE IT! Fun fact, I added the rhinestones myself about 2 days before checking for Miss Minnesota 🙈 it worked out in the end! •• I’ve been walking in gowns and stages for many years and this was by far the most special moments I’ve had as a competitor

Hello, my relatives! I greet you with a happy heart and welcome you to my corner of the world. My name is Rachel Lane Evangelisto, and I’m an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Nation. I’m a proud Lakota woman and am competing to become the first-ever Native American Miss Minnesota this June! 

Get to know more about me, my journey, message, and culture below.


What a wonderful way to end a fantastic few months. I can't believe that my time as Miss Winona is coming to an end in just two weeks. Thank you to the Steamboat Days committee for the opportunity to be a part of the Eleva parade this year, it was a blast!