Employment Assistant and Panchayat Secretary to teach 'what to do and what not' to laborers

Workers will be made aware every week about the rescue and necessary precautions from Kovid-19 at MNREGA workplaces

Employment Assistant and Panchayat Secretary will give information about 'what to do and what not' to laborers, Panchayat Department issued circular to all collectors
Raipur. 3 June 2020  Workers will be regularly made aware of Covid-19 rescue and necessary precautions at MNREGA workplaces. The Village Employment Assistant and the Panchayat Secretary will inform workers about the 'do's and don'ts' to avoid the Corona virus infection before work begins once a week in all workplaces.

The Panchayat and Rural Development Department has issued circulars to all collectors and directed them to ensure compliance. Guidelines have also been issued by the Government of India to spread the public awareness messages related to Kovid-19 among the workers.

    Principal Secretary, Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi has written in a letter to collectors that under MNREGA to provide local employment to villagers and strengthen the rural economy in the nationwide lock-down applicable to prevent infection of Kovid-19. Work has been started on a large scale across the state.

About 22 lakh to 25 lakh job-cord holders are getting employment every day from these works. MGNREGA workplaces would be an effective and suitable place to spread messages of protection against the corona virus among such a large number of workers. Workers can also spread these messages among the general public after work.

    The department has asked employment assistants and panchayat secretaries to refrain from not chewing and spitting tobacco, khaini, etc. in public places under 'what to do and what not' to avoid Kovid-19. It is also said to be aware of precautions such as maintaining a physical distance of at least one meter (three feet) in public places, maintaining personal, respiratory and hand hygiene and avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth.

    Workers at MGNREGA workplaces cover the face full-time with hand-made and re-use masks every week, cover the face with a clean cloth or skimmer if the mask is not, cover the nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing; About washing with bar soap and water, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content when soap and water is not available, keeping regular cleanliness indoors and outdoors and disinfecting touch surfaces Will be told

Workers will also be given information about avoiding unnecessary travel, staying away from social events and crowded places, greeting hands with folded hands and embracing from far away and accepting greetings from others. Mr. Workers will be made aware of Kovid-19 victims returning to health or accepting those returned from quarantine centers with an open heart and not despising such people.