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Result WINNER: Spy Chawanphat Kongnim Miss Earth Thailand 2022

Jareerat Petsom Miss Earth Thailand & Miss Earth Fire 2021 will is all set to crown her successor the winner in 16 Finalists at the end of Finale Miss Earth Thailand 2022 today on Monday, August 29, 2022 commencing from 20.00 on Facebook Live and broadcast on PPTV channel 21.40 in Hotel Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

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Today is the Miss Earth Thailand Final Competition round, Join to send encouragement to beautiful sisters.
Who will win the Earth, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire? Let’s see. Live face book Miss Earth Thailand. Start at 20.00
Live broadcast via PPTV channel 21.45 onward

Ticket price 3,000 / 2,000 / 1,000 baht
Red zone, price 3,000 baht
Orange zone, price 2,000 baht
Yellow zone, price 1,000 baht
More details for cardholders
1. The Miss Earth Thailand pageant will allocate seats according to the zone selected by the customer. according to order and transfer
2. Tickets for the contest will not be able to request a refund
3. In the event of a lost card, the Contest Division reserves the right to not issue a replacement card. in any case
4. The Miss Earth Thailand pageant does not allow to sell tickets to the contest. for profit or used to seek commercial benefits is strictly prohibited

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Vote for the beauty girl via SMS. Type MET followed by the number sent to 4141555, equal to 1 vote.
or Big Vote, type MET followed by the number. Sent to 4141111, 3 points
You can vote from Aug 21, 2022 onwards.
The person who receives the most votes from the public will automatically qualify for the final 10.


Check 16 Contestants Vying for Miss Earth Thailand 2022 Crown

  1. MET 01 Patchara Woha
  2. MET 02 Areeya Panyaautal
  3. MET 03 Natchaya Meesom
  4. MET 04 Wichida Nuamsorn
  5. MET 05 Supharada Surasang
  6. MET 06 Lasksanaporn Siriporn
  7. MET 07 Waranya
  8. MET 08 Jitrana Kengkanna
  9. MET 09 Chawanphat Kongnim
  10. MET 10 Suchittra Kaiyawan
  11. MET 11 Phatcharida / Patcharida Thongnin
  12. MET 12 Saruta Mahasing
  13. MET 13 Natrawee Chiarasathid
  14. MET 14 Daran Kantakunanon
  15. MET 16 Thanchanok Rattanaporn
  16. MET 17 Suchanan Sirirat