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Results: Merel Hendriksen Miss Beauty / Miss Earth of the Netherlands 2022
Floortje Timmer Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2022

Miss Most Inspiring 2022 Rabea Jaeger Miss Beauty of Friesland
Miss Hairdreams 2022 Rabea Jaeger Miss Beauty of Friesland
Miss Dermacol 2022 Rabea Jaeger Miss Beauty of Friesland
Miss Popularity 2022 Rabea Jaeger Miss Beauty of Friesland
Miss Charity 2022 Jill van de Wiel Miss Teen of Noord-Brabant
Miss Best Talent 2022 Yvana Soer Miss Teen of Gelderland
Miss Social Media 2022 Dana van Belzen Miss Beauty of Zeeland
Miss Photogenic 2022 Danae Slooff Miss Teen of Overijssel
Miss NXXT 2022 Amy Kalisvaart geworden Miss Teen of Zeeland
Miss Congeniality 2022 Amber Rustenberg Miss Beauty of Noord-Holland
Miss Lingerie 2022 Beau Megan Goos Miss Teen of Groningen
Miss Sports 2022 Kim Hulshof Miss Beauty of Groningen

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Shanty, Miss Teenager Universe 2019, and Kanita, Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2015, are taking you backstage this year!
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Jury & Judges:
Saartje Langstraat, Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2020/21
Anne Brouwer, Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2020/21
Tessa le Congé, President Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 
Cees Wiltschut, Director of Hairdreams Netherlands
Reggie Henriquez, Catwalkcoach Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 
N Jamie Jongman, LlNDA Foundation
Madieke van de Bijl, Winner The Bachelor Belgium 2022

Current reigning queens are Miss Beauty Saartje Langstraat Top 8 Miss Earth and Miss Teen Anne Brouwer

BRACE and XERXES will perform during the bikini round and the gala round! The Miss Beauty gala will be one big party, so put on your dancing shoes and enjoy this unforgettable evening!

The next standings of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2022 are announced! New in the last poll at number one is Jolanda | Overijssel, which has taken Rabea | Friesland to second place . In third place Melisa | Drenthe and in fourth place Yasmin | Flevoland . We finish the top 5 again with Kim | Groningen! You can vote until midnight!
Will you help your favorite for the title to the top? Then text Poll Beauty [name] to 3010! View the full score at: https://missbeautynetherlands.com/voting/ .
Photos: Liyuan Photography
Beautydirector: Andjani Triloki
Hair: Hairdreams

12 Contestants Vying for Miss Beauty Of The Netherlands 2022 Crown

  1. Miss Beauty of Drenthe Melisa Akbas
  2. Miss Beauty of Flevoland Yasmin Blake
  3. Miss Beauty of Friesland Rabea Jaeger
  4. Miss Beauty of Gelderland Merel Hendriksen
  5. Miss Beauty of Groningen Kim Hulshof
  6. Miss Beauty of Limburg Indy Bemelmans
  7. Miss Beauty of Noord-Brabant Lotte Berbers
  8. Miss Beauty of Noord-Holland Amber Rustenberg
  9. Miss Beauty of Overijssel Jolanda Bahini
  10. Miss Beauty of Utrecht Joënne de Wit
  11. Miss Beauty of Zeeland Dana van Belzen
  12. Miss Beauty of Zuid-Holland Merel van Roon

12 Contestants Vying for Miss Teen Of The Netherlands 2022 Crown

  1. Miss Teen of Drenthe Roos Flinkert
  2. Miss Teen of Flevoland Danique Meyer
  3. Miss Teen of Friesland Dalia van Gessel
  4. Miss Teen of Gelderland Yvana Soer
  5. Miss Teen of Groningen Beau Megan Goos
  6. Miss Teen of Limburg Julie Kretzers
  7. Miss Teen of Noord-Brabant Jill van de Wiel
  8. Miss Teen of Noord-Holland Ella Joy Boog
  9. Miss Teen of Overijssel Danae Slooff
  10. Miss Teen of Utrecht Floortje Timmer
  11. Miss Teen of Zeeland Amy Kalisvaart
  12. Miss Teen of Zuid-Holland Uloma Onyemma

Sign-off Statement by Saartje Geesje Elisabeth Langstraat

Dear all,
My final moments with the crown have arrived, nevertheless I will always be your Miss Beauty and Miss Earth The Netherlands 2021 . And what a year it was, I started my journey at Miss Beauty of South Holland, not knowing what it actually meant . I was a bit insecure and I wasn't very comfortable like many after the Corona period . And then it went like a spear, I felt so at home in Miss Beauty's family and I was able to further develop everything in me . Nothing is too crazy at Miss Beauty and this gave me so much freedom! I've left friends for life here and a group of people I'm definitely still a part of . I would like to thank . and @milouverh for believing in me and supporting me during the journey @tessaleconge @anne.mbrouwer , I want to thank you for the good times we shared . I loved a good friend about this! I would also like to thank @the_light_portraits for the fun times filming and shooting . And, @hairextensionsbychantal thanks for the fun and the beautiful hair!
Of course I couldn’t do all of this without my family and friends who supported me in every way possible🤍 What I’ve learned and what I’d like to share with you is, as a woman you don’t have to sacrifice your femininity to get academically ch, in the work floor, or to be taken seriously in general . Let's change the standard! And for my successor, take every chance you can . Miss Beauty has so much to offer, it’s up to you what you do with it 🤍
I just want to thank you all for the support and love I have felt this year .

Yours sincerely, 
Saartje Geesje Elisabeth Langstraat