Enriching lives today for a sustainable tomorrow, Mary Kay's the first report


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"Enriching lives today for a sustainable tomorrow", the first report highlights the commitment of the brand with responsibility for economic, social and environmental.

MADRID - (  ) - Mary Kay Inc. , a global advocate for corporate social responsibility, has published its sustainability strategy Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow and its 2020-2021 Strategic Sustainability and Social Impact Report.

Enriching Lives Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow details the brand's historic sustainability and social responsibility journey, while setting new and ambitious sustainability goals for the future.

“ It's about more than us, it always has been,” says Deborah Gibbins, COO of Mary Kay Inc. “ The cosmetics and personal care industries are in transition, as companies evolve to meet the growing demand for transparent operations, with greater environmental awareness and cleaner and ethically sourced products. Mary Kay believes and supports this evolution. "

Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow extends Mary Kay's vision to 2030 and beyond. Create a future image for Mary Kay, Independent Beauty Consultants, their clients, and most importantly, the planet. Enriching Lives Today, for a Sustainable Tomorrow was developed with all Mary Kay stakeholders and is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making Mary Kay a key part of a global coalition to guarantee a better future.

I deeply believe that companies have a responsibility to society contributing to its well-being from all angles, for this reason I cannot be more aligned and proud to be part of this sustainability strategy that is going to have a great social impact." Gema Aznar points out, Director of Mary Kay Spain . “ If our mission to enrich the lives of women makes us unique, expanding our impact by directing our resources towards caring for our planet, supporting diversity and business excellence will make our contribution much more global and necessary for achieve better well-being in the future. "

“ While significant initiatives have been implemented across the industry - and within Mary Kay as well - much work remains to be done to find long-term solutions to the environmental and socio-economic challenges that lie ahead,” adds Gibbins. “ For nearly 60 years, Mary Kay has strived to enrich the lives of women, advance the field of skin health, and create a positive impact in the community around the world. We are delighted to take this next important step in our history. "

The highlights of the sustainability report include:

  • Mary Kay announces its global sustainability strategy: Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Our strategy is based on three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental, which encompass five sustainability initiatives that are activated through 15 commitments to achieve a decade of sustainable action.
  • Mary Kay will contribute to 15 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations and has made commitments to leading global agreements and mandates including: the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the 7 Principles of Empowerment of Women, the CEO Water Mandate and the Principles for a Sustainable Ocean.
  • Key engagement targets to achieve by 2030:
    • Reduce by 30%: the intensity of plastic, carbon (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) and the use of water.
    • Empower 5 million women around the world through business skills development.
    • Provide support services to more than 10 million women victims of gender and domestic violence around the world.
  • Mary Kay Spain Highlights:
      Mary Kay Spain has been part of the Stanpa Foundation since its birth in 2012. Since then, its commitment to Get beautiful, you will feel better' has been unconditional. This program is intended to provide a boost of confidence and self-esteem to cancer patients throughout the national territory through makeup and skin care. Mary Kay has contributed more than 9,700 cosmetic products for eight years and up to 35% of total program volunteers through its independent Beauty Consultants. The program is free, non-medical and neutral with respect to brands and products used without promotional or advertising purposes.
      Mary Kay Spain has been collaborating for eight years in the project “A new future with Mary Kay” , together with Fundación Integra. Every year Mary Kay Spain launches a new solidarity product to help women who are victims of gender violence, part of the program “Pink changes lives”. Access to a job is one of the most important ways for these women to get out of the circle of violence that surrounds them. With this donation, Fundación Integra supports organizing socio-labor workshops and specific courses where Mary Kay Spain employees participate, contributing their knowledge in different fields and helping these women to acquire the necessary tools to find a job that allows them with their volunteering. turn their lives around.

      Thanks to the efforts of Mary Kay's Independent Beauty Consultants, the company has donated more than 266,000 euros since 2014, when the collaboration began with Fundación Integra, to help women victims start a new life away from their aggressor. Thanks to them, 369 women victims of violence have had the opportunity to change their lives and that of their families with this project.
      Mary Kay Spain and Vicente Ferrer Foundation joined forces in 2020 to provide health care to children and their families in India. Mary Kay launched its charity campaign by converting its flagship product, Mary Kay® Eye Makeup Remover, into a charity product for a month. Thanks to Mary Kay's Independent Beauty Consultants, and their efforts in the sales of this product, the company will donate 10,000 euros to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to help improve the health situation aggravated by Covid-19.

      Mary Kay Spain finances the construction of a school for children in India in 2018, in collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. Mary Kay Spain has crossed borders in its social actions by financing the construction of a school in the Pagadalavaripalli village (ODC), located in the Kadiri region (Anantapur). In addition, the company has provided a larger financial donation to buy bicycles for the children so that they can travel safely from their homes to school, avoiding possible abuse. This project, together with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, is part of the company's global solidarity program, “ El Rosa Cambia Vidas”, aimed at improving the lives of women and their families.

Enriching lives today for a sustainable tomorrow
Summary of the five pillars and the 15 commitments

Business Excellence

  • Our team: We are committed to our team through EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT by recognizing the importance of our company values.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Understand through KNOWLEDGE, demand ACTION, guarantee a sustainable and lasting CHANGE.
  • Transparency and commitment: leading through TRANSPARENCY and supporting through COMMITMENT.

Product Management

  • Plastics and packaging: REDUCE the intensity of plastic by 30%.
  • Recycling and Circular Economy: 90% of the paper containers made with RECYCLED MATERIALS.
  • Sustainable sourcing: MINIMIZING our environmental impact, supporting small businesses, and fostering benefits for the community.

Responsible manufacturing

  • Carbon: REDUCE carbon (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) by 30%.
  • Water: REDUCE water use by 30%.
  • Waste: DIVERT 60% of operational waste from the landfill.

Women's empowerment

  • Equality: DEVELOP a 10-year political agenda to address women's rights issues.
  • Economic Empowerment: EMPOWER 5 Million Women Worldwide.
  • Education: ACCESS to education for 250,000 girls and women worldwide.

Social impact

  • Cancer Research: FINANCE over 400,000 hours of research.
  • Gender-based violence: PROVIDE support services to more than 10 million women around the world.
  • Global social impact and community support: COLLABORATE for change with more than 500 organizations.

About Mary Kay
Mary Kay Ash was one of the first entrepreneurs to break the bar by founding her beauty products company more than 55 years ago, with three clear objectives: to give women opportunities for development, offer irresistible products and make this world a better place. That dream came to fruition and today it is a multi-billion dollar company with millions of members in its Independent Sales Force who conduct business in nearly 40 countries. Mary Kay is dedicated to researching the science behind beauty, offering cutting-edge skincare, makeup and fragrance products. Mary Kay, in its commitment to the empowerment of women and their families, collaborates with organizations around the world focused on cancer research, supporting women who have suffered domestic violence, creating a better environment and helping children to pursue their dreams. Mary Kay Ash's legacy continues to shine through the years. More information inwww.marykay.es