Everyone has their own words to say it, the important thing is to remember it: Holiday Road Safety Campaign @ France

The Important Notes on France Holiday Road Safety Campaign 2021

During this end-of-year holiday season when alcohol is often present, more than 30 star TV and radio hosts are giving messages of caution on drinking and driving and above all recalling that "When you hold on to someone, we hold it back ”. This awareness campaign will be visible on TV, radio and on social networks from December 17.

I am very happy to have been able to make my contribution to this so essential cause which touches everyone, to be supportive and vigilant with each other to avoid the worst. The end of year celebrations, this year, it's a bit of joy in living in a world that has been devoid of it for almost 2 years. So I believe that it is good to convey the message of prevention with a smile, in a play on words, without adding to the collective anxiety which is already overwhelming. So rediscover the smiles of Karine, Marie, Bruno and Hervé who have also agreed to commit to sending the French this message of solidarity "When you care about someone, you hold him back". 
- Fred testot

Under the leadership of director Fred Testot, Karine Ferry (TF1), Bruno Guillon (France Télévisions), Marie Portolano (M6) and Hervé Mathoux (Canal +) look around a New Year's table, the funny formula to dissuade a person who drank too much to hit the road. In the middle of this oratorical joust, one of the guests, silent and visibly very alcoholic, gives flesh to all these witticisms: he is the friend that you have to know how to remember, and prevent getting behind the wheel.

Excessive alcohol consumption has the effect, among other things, of reducing discernment, of disinhibiting, of giving a feeling of over-confidence ... Thus, the less a person is able to drive, the more he has the impression that he is 'is. This is why the role of the entourage can be in these moments vital: to propose alternatives to the return by car, to prevent by all the means a person who has drunk too much to take again the road, it is to protect him while 'she is no longer in a position to do it herself. It is up to all of us to ensure that these happy moments remain so.
- Marie Gautier-Melleray, interministerial delegate for road safety

In 2019, more than 1,050 people were killed in an accident involving alcohol, which today remains with speed, one of the two leading causes of road fatalities.