Excellent Corona Chain Breaker Dhamtar Field Staff

Dhamtar Field Staff played the most important role in breaking the chain of corona infection
The Collector on V.C. said Inspire all to make 100% vaccination by making people aware

Dhamtari 11 May 2021 For the purpose of prevention and control of infection of Kovid-19, Collector Shri Jayaprakash Maurya took a meeting through video conferencing of Nodal Officers this afternoon and got information about field activities and emphasized to make 100 percent vaccination by making people aware. The Collector said that though the corona virus infection seems to be under control in the last 2-3 days, there is no need to be more satisfied with this, but continue vigilance and continuous monitoring even more than before. He told the nodal officers to develop positive thinking to make the general public aware of the corona.
Held this afternoon in the NIC Room, V.C. The collector told the nodal officers that at present the most important link of the administration is the field staff who are directly working with the people to make them aware. First protect yourself prominently and then discharge the assigned duties. He further said that according to the protocol of Kovid, apply the mask correctly, sanitize and maintain a mutual distance. The Collector directed to make people constantly aware of vaccination, ensure distribution of mitanin kits and to take a continuous tour of their cluster. The most important part of the field staff are the Anganwadi workers, Mitanins, teachers and women of the group who are playing a very positive role and responsibility in the district. V.C. He instructed to ensure the system by making profits continuously in respect of maximum 10 persons attendance at wedding events in villages, not organizing events in public places or gathering crowds. The Collector also made it clear that the control room set up at the Gram Panchayat level should be activated, so that the nodal officers keep taking information correctly. At the same time, he instructed to share positive video-audio with the people for community awareness.
During this, the CEO of Zila Panchayat present. Shri Mayank Chaturvedi told the nodal officers that from May 1, vaccination of people in the age group of 18 to 44 has started. Also, the previously vaccinated vaccine will work only if both the stage vaccines are administered to everyone, so they should also keep an eye on that the first vaccinated people must reach the second vaccination center within the stipulated time. Giving information on the list of frontline workers recently released by the state government, he said that 20 percent of the total available dose of vaccine is given to the funnel workers, Antyodaya ration card / destitute card / Annapurna ration card and 15 of the remaining 80 percent to the disabled card holders. Percent, 65 percent of the 80 percent vaccine dose will be provided to the BPL ration card holders and 20 percent of the remaining 80 percent of the vaccine dose will be made available to the remaining APL category people. He also told that in the list of frontline workers, food providers and vegetable vendors, bus, truck drivers and conductors, Anganwadi workers, Mitanin, Panchayat secretaries / workers, PDS shop managers and vendors, women living in institutional care, villages K Kotwar and Patel, employees of State Government and Undertakings, employees working in old age homes, women care centers and child care centers, crematorium / cemetery workers, persons with disabilities, employees of paramilitary institutions providing essential services, on duty by the Collector. Apart from the staff employed, lawyers and journalists and family members of the above, in addition to the detainees, are included in any other category defined by the state government. C.E.O. It also said that those who fall in the frontline category, who are included in BPL, Antyodaya or other priority category, should be vaccinated under these reserved category. He also stressed on making all possible efforts of all the nodal officers in the villages of their clusters to make them aware and get them vaccinated. V.C. In the district and block officials including nodal officers were connected.