Fall Program for First Semester @ UC Berkeley Announced

FPF is special because of its class size. The interactions between faculty and students are very intimate, close and one-on-one. You're able to talk with them about your homework or any problem you have: FPF student Trinity, who is an intended business major

UC Berkeley Fall Program Introduces Inclusive-Driven New Name

November 01, 2022: BERKELEY, Calif.--()--As part of its commitment to upholding the university’s values and mission of ensuring equity, inclusion and diversity into all aspects of university life, the long-standing Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) is excited to announce its new name, Fall Program for First Semester. This name change ends the gendered use of “freshmen” and helps to further describe that the program is available for the first semester only.

The Fall Program for First Semester is an opportunity for incoming first-years admitted to the UC Berkeley College of Letters & Science (L&S) to start their undergraduate academic journey in a small, collaborative learning environment. Incoming students take a curated curriculum of core classes that prepare them for success in their L&S degree requirements, university requirements, major prerequisites and electives.

Beyond the classroom, students join a tight-knit cohort of peers, gain proactive advising and have increased contact with their instructors. Students in this first-semester program benefit from this small, liberal-arts college experience while enjoying the world-class resources and opportunities that come with being a Berkeley student. In addition, students have additional access to FPF math and writing tutoring on top of campus resources.

“In light of the university conversations about inclusion, having a term that is gender-free is important to us,” notes Director Tara Young, M.A., she/hers/they. “As this program welcomes incoming first-years, by using the term ‘freshmen’ we are excluding those who do not identify as male. In changing our name to Fall Program for First Semester, we are saying who they are—they are first-year students in their first semester.”

The FPF program was established in 1983 at the request of then Chancellor Michael Heyman as a way to better accommodate students admitted to Berkeley and to serve more California residents. Since then, FPF has educated thousands of first-year Berkeley students for their first semester. As part of this small learning community, FPF students have traditionally shown higher graduation rates than L&S students who start on the main campus, as well as a higher percentage receiving Dean’s Honors versus other L&S students overall. FPF students belong to the College of Letters & Science at Berkeley with courses sponsored by UC Berkeley Extension.

About UC Berkeley Extension

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