Farmer Feel Supported in Corona Era with Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana

Farmers said that Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana got big support in Corona crisis: Chief Minister took feedback from farmers through video conferencing
Discussions were held with paddy growers of Dhamdha, sugarcane growing farmers of Kawardha, small forest produce collection of Dantewada and Surajpur and women tribal mart

Tourists from Poland, Australia and New Zealand are coming for eco-tourism in Jabra

    Raipur 21 May 2020 On the occasion of inauguration of 'Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana' by Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today, members of women self-help group of Surajpur district, villagers of Dugali village in Dhamtari district, women of Dantewada district, sugarcane growers of Kabirdham district and Durg Discussed with the paddy growing farmers of the district. Mr. Baghel took feedback from these people in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana in connection with the State Government's Small Forest Produce and Processing Scheme, Suchitan Abhiyan, Haat Bazaar Scheme.
    During the discussion with the Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, the paddy growing farmers of Dhamdha in Durg district said that due to the Corona crisis, the farmers' pockets are empty at the present time. In this difficult period, the State Government is giving incentive and exchange assistance to the farmers, due to which the farmers have got a lot of support. The farmers are happy with this decision of the state government. Shri Santosh Kumar Rana, a paddy grower, thanked the Chief Minister and said that this year, after the amount of support for paddy, crop insurance scheme, thrice money has come in the account of farmers so far. Shri Rana said that today, 34 thousand 800 rupees have come to his account in this scheme. He told the Chief Minister that farmers in Dhamdha region cultivate crops like banana, papaya, tomato on a large scale. He said that food processing plant is going to be established in some places in the district, this will also benefit the farmers. Congratulating the Chief Minister for Kisan Nyaya Yojana, Smt. Sunita Gupta said that this scheme has provided relief to farmers in the Corona crisis. After the loan waiver of the farmers, crop insurance, support price, paddy was purchased and now the farmers of the area are very happy with the amount of justice scheme.
    Sugarcane growing farmers of Kawardha also expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for this scheme and said that by adding incentive amount, this time farmers will get a rate of Rs 355 per quintal of sugarcane as well as a bonus. This decision of the government will improve the economic condition of the farmers. The farmers are happy with this decision of the state government. Shri Shiv Kumar Chandravanshi said that farmers have benefited by getting Rs 2500 per quintal of paddy.
    Tribal Mart is being operated by Surajpur women. During the period of lockdown, the goods are being transported through door-to-door e-rickshaws. So far millions of rupees have been earned from the Women's Tribal Mart. The Chief Minister asked the women if the scheme should be implemented in the entire state, then the women agreed.
    During the interaction with the villagers of Dugali in Dhamtari district, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel was told by Mrs. Lata Markam that the historic arrival of former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, was in his village Dugali on July 14, 1985, where he made a special backward tribe Kamar settlement I also tasted Madia Page and Karu Kanda. The villagers still feel proud remembering that memorable moment. Mr. Madhav Singh Netam, a young man from village Jabra, said- "After you declared village Jabra as eco-tourism", the villagers have got a solid source of livelihood. For the first time community forest rights of 5352 hectares of forest have been granted. Madhav Singh Netam told Chief Minister Mr. Baghel that more than a thousand tourists from his country and abroad have stayed here at his village Jabra, including foreign tourists like Poland, New Zealand and Australia. Smt. Neera Markam, resident of Munaikera, a dependent village of Gram Panchayat Devgaon, told the Chief Minister Mr. Baghel that 2524 women have become self-sufficient by joining the Small Forest Produce Processing Center in Dugali. Here Amla, Tikhur powder, honey processing, Triphala powder, Dona-Pattal etc. are being manufactured by the women of the group. He informed that this year, income of Rs 10 lakh has been received by the group's sisters.
    Surekha, a member of the women's group involved in the forest produce collection work in remote Katekalyan block of Dantewada district, said that for the first time we got an opportunity to purchase forest produce. Earlier collectors used to sell their forest produce at a low price to the traders in weekly haat-bazaars, but now these collectors are getting reasonable prices as a result of the purchase of forest produce at the minimum support price by the initiative of the government. Surekha said that during the lockdown, the women self-help groups in the district have benefited from the purchase of forest produce by Rs 7 lakh. Currently, women members of women groups are engaged in tamarind processing. Which will give them good profits. On this occasion, Bheembati Nag resident of Balpet of Dantewada block told about the malnutrition campaign, that since the beginning of this campaign, the rate of malnutrition has come down by more than 6 percent. During this time, Umeshwari Thakur, a resident of Samalur, Geedam Block, said that through the Haat-Bazar Clinic Scheme, the facilities of health check-up and treatment are being made available to the villagers of remote areas in the adjoining Haat-Bazar itself.