Fearing Situation, Corona Guidelines not followed in Weddings: Collector Sunil Kumar Jain

Balodabazar: It is very worrying not to follow the Corona Guidelines at weddings, the Collector directed strict action
Collector reviewed the current status of corona infection, instructed to speed up vaccination and testing to the health department officials including SDM, CEO and CMO in the virtual meeting

Balodabazar, 8 May 2021 Collector Sunil Kumar Jain today held a virtual meeting with district officials, SDM, CEO and CMO of all the departments of the district, reviewing the current status of corona infection. In the meantime, he has expressed serious concern over not following the Corona Guidelines at weddings. He has appealed to all the community heads, enlightened people, public representatives and common citizens of the district to strictly follow the rules made for weddings and others. Motivate anyone to follow this rule. There has been a decrease in the number of corona-infected positive patients in the districts. Still, on an average, more than 600 patients are being found every day. Which are much higher than normal. This is very worrying for the districts. In this situation, non-adherence to the Corona Guidelines at weddings can lead to increased re-infection. Which can make the condition even more frightening. Akshaya is the festival of Tritiya in the coming days. During which a large number of weddings take place. Therefore, you are reiterated from all the residents of the district that during this time you all must make sure that you follow the Kovid Guidelines for the good health of yourselves. Only 10 people should be present in weddings or else be prepared for tough action.

The administration will keep a close watch on the administration - Collector Sunil Kumar Jain today directed all revenue officers separately and said that you should keep an eye on the marriages happening in all the villages and cities and take strict action on getting information about violation of rules. Also, all the SDMs should make the heads of all societies aware of the current situation in their level.

Names of 10 people will have to be given in writing - instructing all SDMs in the meeting that they should not give permission for weddings as possible, if necessary, give conditional permission by writing the names of 10 guests to them in writing. Along with this, villages or cities should appoint officers and employees in their level to supervise these marriages. Also do not allow only for practices like Chauthia to be allowed only for marriage. It is worth mentioning that only 10 persons are allowed to attend for weddings during lockdown.
Speed ​​up vaccination and testing- Collector Jain said that the pace of existing vaccination in the district is very low. You should motivate more and more people for this. He said that those people who have taken their first dose of vaccine. He must go to the nearest center and get another dose. Otherwise, the first dose will have no meaning. After identifying such people, they have instructed the Health Department to inform them again. Along with this, instructions have been given to health department employees to increase the number of testing.
The most infected collector of villages of Kasdol and Biligadh development blocks, based on the report, said that the villages of Kasdol and Biligadh development blocks are the most affected by the corona. In Kasdol, the rate of infection is about 43 percent and likewise death rate is highest in Biligarh. In both these places, the infection has spread from village to village. It is mandatory to control it. Otherwise, there can be more frightening situations. He has also directed the officials to prevent this. Along with this, the infection levels are still very high in Mopka Kugda, Singarpur, Lachhanpur, Simbha in Mohabhata, Avarethi, Kesada villages in Gindola, Sakri, Lavan and Arjuni Bhatapara of Balodabazar.

In the MNREGA, social distancing is not compulsory, if the work is canceled, all district CEOs were asked to be compulsorily followed the Corona Guidelines including social distancing during the MNREGA work. If the rules are not followed properly, please cancel the work. Arrange for drinking any kind of water collectively. For all of you, take instructions to bring water bottle with you from your home.

Duty of officers and employees of Agriculture Department also due to the increasing pressure of work, now Covid duty of officers and employees of Agriculture Department will be imposed to assist SDM. Till now, the on-field staff of the Agriculture Department was avoiding this duty. Now their help will also be taken.
Police patrolling will be fast-
Alesella of SP I spoke of intensifying the police patrol in the Contentment Zone. In addition, he has given strict instructions on strict monitoring of the blocks and strict action against those who have not followed the Corona Guidelines in the Content Zone. During this meeting, ADM Rajendra Gupta, District Panchayat CEO Dr. Fariha Alam Siddiqui, Additional Superintendent of Police Nivedita Paul, District Officers of all departments, all SDMs, District CEO CMOs should be present.