The First Ever CROWNING Stephany Amado Miss Cabo Verde International 2022

A the end of Miss Cabo Verde International Gala in Praia on Saturday, September 3, 2022 The First Ever CROWNING of Stephany Amado Miss Cabo Verde International 2022 has just happened.

Stephany Amado Miss Cabo Verde International 2022 will represent her nation Cabo Verde / Cape Verde in the upcoming Miss International 2022 Competition.

Stephany Amado tells about herself: I'm a 23 year old full-time model, born and raised in Cape Verde. I am passionate about being a positive influence to young African women, serving as a source of representation that was lacking from a very young age. I enjoy cooking, traveling, hiking, as well as reading and writing poetry. As my modeling career grows, I intend to use my platform and voice to be a beacon of hope for all young Cape Verdeans.

5 facts about me

I'm multilingual;

I am an advocate of holistic medicine;

I am actively involved in issue-related social activism in Cape Verde;

I like to write poetry and sing;

I got my first job at 17.

Competitors from all over the country vie for the honor of making history, representing for the first time the islands of Morabeza in the prestigious Miss International competition, through a panel of national and international judges who will select the candidate who will be Cape Verde's representative to shine on stage. of the renowned organization in the world.


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Miss Cape Verde International / Miss Cabo Verde Internacional  2022
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  14. Eliane Aniceto
  15. Eveline Cardoso
  16. Indira Mendes
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  18. Jassica Centeio
  19. Janete Oliveira
  20. Tânia Clemente
  21. Kelly Brito
  22. Kativânia Ramos
  23. Liliane da Veiga
  24. Leonela de Oliveira
  25. Ludmila Monteiro
  26. Ludmila Varela
  27. Leandra Andrade
  28. Lidiane Monteiro
  29. Milena Miranda
  30. Nickita Bulú
  31. Paula Mendes
  32. Stefany Santos
  33. Stephany Amado
  34. Tatiana Almeida
  35. Tayrine da Veiga
  36. Tatiele Garcia
  37. Telma Fortes
  38. Vera dos Reis
  39. Yasmine Fortes
  40. Zelinda Rodrigues