Forbidden Angel Sabby Sury Story, Social Handles, Bio and News

Now on Journey to Race of Forbidden Angel Sabby Sury has turned the so called societal / industry imposed weakness to her greatest gain.

Yes, Its Official Actress Sabby Sury from Chandigarh, India is on of The MTV Forbidden Angels contesting The New Show Airing Today i.e. Friday, 12 March 2021 @ 10PM  at MTV India as is clear from the official video just posted:

Daughter of Chandigarh Forbidden Angel Artist Model Actress Sabby Sury is all set to contest The New TV Show, Watch Her Story, Must Join her in air at 10 PM and tell your views

Its Chandigarh Girl Punajbi Kudi Actress Sabby Sury Instagram Handle To Follow for The Latest News: