Foster Care Applications Invited from Indian Couples

Kondagaon: Applications invited from prospective parents for temporary protection of children in need of care and protection

Kondagaon, 21 January 2021

According to a release issued from the Office of the Collector (District Child Protection Unit), Juvenile Justice of the Children (Child Protection Institutions) under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, registered under Section 41 of the Juvenile Justice (Protection of Child) As per the provisions of Section 44 of the Maintenance and Protection) Act 2015 and Model Guide Line for Foster Care 2016, applications have been invited from Indian couples in foster care for temporary protection.

It will be the responsibility of the foster care family to provide the child with proper food, clothing, shelter, education, higher education, care and protection, all kinds of medical, treatment, professional training according to age and interest, to meet the child's developmental needs. Protect from exploitation, abuse, harm, neglect and respect the privacy of the child and his biological family. With this, it will be mandatory to follow all the obligations and conditions mentioned in the Foster Care Guide 2016 and the directions of the Child Welfare Committee and District Child Protection Unit.

Indian couples who want to temporarily protect children in need of care and protection can contact the office of District Child Protection Unit, Women and Child Development Department, Kondagaon and apply in the prescribed form. After the application, in the light of the said act and guide line, on the basis of the Home Study Report and the recommendation of the Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee, the child welfare committee of the district may be given to foster care for the child and the concerned couple.