Free Ayushman Card Aapke Duar in Chhattisgarh's Choice Centers

Ayushman card campaign at your doorstep for free from Choice Center in Chhattisgarh

Jagdalpur 09 March 2021

Under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and Dr. Khubchand Health Assistance Scheme, the Ayushman Abhiyan is being implemented by the Central Government and the State Government from March 1 to March 31 with the objective of benefiting more and more beneficiaries which you can call Ayushman Card at Your Door  Campaign.

According to the instructions of the Government of Chhattisgarh under Ayushman Card at Your Door  Campaign, all the Rashtriya card holders in the choice centers of the district will be given a free Ayushman card in which the priority and Antyodaya Ration card holders will be given Rs. 5 lakh per year and other Rashtriya card holders for 50 families. Up to thousand medical facilities will be provided, which is provided in any registered private and government hospital in the state.

    Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Chaturvedi said that with the aim of making Ayushman cards for more families, the government has launched the Ayushman Card at Your Door  Campaign, by making free Ayushman cards to the beneficiaries in all the four centers of the district. will be given. For making Ayushman card, citizens will have to go to the Choice Center along with Rashna card for family identification and Aadhar card and mobile number for personal identification. The Ayushman card will be made free to the beneficiaries through the Choice Center based on their eligibility.

The Ayushman card will be provided to the beneficiaries in the paper at the choice centers under Ayushman card campaign at your doorstep. After a few days, the plastic cards of these beneficiaries will be sent to the respective Choice Center from the central office of the Choice Center. Under Ayushman Card at Your Door  Campaign The beneficiaries will be informed about the receipt of the plastic card by the Choice Center. Beneficiaries will be able to get PwC Ayushman card after Biometric authentication again from Choice Center.

For the successful implementation of the Ayushman Card at Your Door  Campaign, the District Collector has issued a letter to all the subdivisional officer, Commissioner, Municipality Corporation, all Chief Executive Officer, Janpad Panchayat and all Block Medical Officer. In which the local activists have been directed to promote through village village panchayat secretary employment assistant ANM, multipurpose health workers and Mitanin for campaigning, profit making and campaign at village, ward level.

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