Free Mobile Medical Facility Van Dai-Didi Clinic: Check What Sangeeta Yadav and Mrs. Sushila Devangan Shares?

Dai-Didi Clinics, women are getting sick: more than 50 thousand women benefited in more than 700 camps

Raipur 13 September 2021: The Dai Didi Clinic scheme, a special treatment facility for women, has enabled needy and poor sick women to get free treatment at their own homes on time.

With all the facilities in the mobile medical unit operated under Dai Didi Clinic, all the staff including doctors, being women, there is no hesitation in telling their problems to the women undergoing treatment. This is the reason that since this scheme started in Raipur, Bilaspur and Bhilai Municipal Corporation, so far more than 50 thousand women in about 700 camps have been cured by benefiting from Dai Didi Clinic Scheme. Sangeeta Yadav and Sushila Devangan, who are busy with their work, are also among the same women who have recovered after getting treatment at the camp of Dai Didi Clinic near their home.

Mrs. Sangeeta Yadav and Mrs. Sushila Devangan, who live in Dunganiya of Raipur city, told that they go out for work every morning in the morning. Earlier, whenever she was sick, she had to suffer a lot for treatment. Sangeeta Yadav told that after the death of her husband, somehow she herself works in the houses to meet the expenses of the house. He does not even have enough income to leave his work and go to a private hospital for the treatment of his illness. He told that when the camp started near his own house under the Dai Didi Clinic scheme, he came to know that the treatment of women's diseases is done free of cost by the lady doctor here. One day when he reached the camp after feeling fever and weakness, he was given medicines after examination. She got cured within two days with the medicine received from here.

Mrs. Sushila Devangan told that for the past few days she was having pain in her arms and legs along with weakness. Dai didi has come for treatment after knowing about the clinic camp being set up near the house itself. Here he has been given medicine after examination. He told that he has already come to these camps and got treatment. She was cured after treatment here. If I felt the need again, I have come here.

Sushila Devangan said that the Dai Didi Clinic scheme is a very beneficial and convenient facility for women. In other problems including illness, here she can openly tell her problem to the female doctor. Along with giving free medicine here, lab test is also free.