Free Tractor and Agricultural Machine Rental Scheme, 18000 Farmers Took Benefit in Farming Works

To provide relief to the farmers in the midst of Corona crisis, so far 18 thousand needy farmers have benefited from the scheme of providing free tractor and agricultural implements on the initiative of the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Jaipur, 28 May 2020. More than 60 thousand hours of free service has been given to these tenants. This service will continue till June 30.

Agriculture Minister Lalchand Kataria informed that on the demand from eligible farmers, service is being provided by Tafe Company. Orders of 19 thousand eligible tenants have been accepted since April. Out of these, more than 60 thousand hours of service has been provided to 18 thousand farmers. Continuous service is being provided to other farmers who have received orders.
Agriculture Minister Mr. Kataria said that the farmers of Sikar district have taken maximum benefit of this scheme, where three thousand farmers have taken service of more than 12 thousand hours. Similarly, 2576 farmers have been served 7876 hours in Alwar, 5806 farmers in Jaipur, 12591 farmers in Bharatpur, 3291 farmers, 9926 farmers in Jhunjhunu, 3926 farmers have been served 3162 hours in Ajmer. Similarly, 2504 have been provided to 926 tenants of Baran, 3578 to 925 farmers of Jodhpur, 3513 to 860 farmers of Jhalawar, 3526 to 855 farmers of Nagaur, 2882 of 805 farmers of Tonk, 2030 hours of 711 farmers of Karauli. .