Gariaband: Organizing My Vote My Choice for publicity through social media platforms

Gariaband: Organizing My Vote My Choice for publicity through social media platforms
Instructions to ensure publicity

Gariaband 14 July 2020

 Voter awareness messages can be broadcast through social media due to special circumstances arising due to Kovid-19. Deputy District Election Officer Mr. JR Chaurasia said that the quiz competition "My Vote My Choice" is being organized under the official social media of Chief Electoral Officer Raipur and on the Facebook, Tutor, Platform Sweep Action Plan to make voters aware. In which questions related to elections are uploaded on Monday and Thursday of each week. And on the next day i.e. Tuesday and Friday, the correct answer to those questions is shared, as well as other types of promotional material related to voter awareness are also uploaded on normal days. All types of promotional material to be uploaded on social media platform at the Chief Electoral Officer level should be shared / retrieved on district level social media. The BLO appointed at the polling station level in the creation and promotion of voter lists. The role is important.
BLO in voter list revision and voter awareness programs. To ensure the role and participation of the people and to get their feedback and suggestions in the said programs, a district level group should be formed on the social media mobile app Telegram and all the BLOs. The Telegram mobile app should be downloaded and directed to join the said group. It is noteworthy that the work of adding names, cutting and error correction in the voter list goes on continuously throughout the year. Hence, publicity should be done through social media based on district level, marking articles on the utility of NVSP portal and voter helpline mobile app operated by Election Commission of India for filling online forms. VLE is operated in the state district as per the commission's instructions to provide voters' convenience and election related services such as registration in voter list, EPIC card printing and other facilities related to voter list. The above services can be obtained by paying a fee. VLEs operating in the district should be publicized through social media. Following the above instructions, District Sweep Nodal Officer Dr. RK Talwar Professor and Assistant Programmer Mr. Girish Chandrakar has been asked to follow the above instructions.