Gariaband Sand Mines Preferential Bid Tender Schedule Last Date 23 February Announced

Gariaband: Preferential bid for sand mine on 24 and 25 February: Tender invited in a closed envelope till 23 February
Gariaband 19 February 2021

Invitation of Tender dated 17 February to 23 February 2021, to receive the tender in a closed envelope through tender / auction (reverse auction) of 14 sand mines in 09 clusters of the district under the Chhattisgarh Minor Mineral Common Sand (Quarrying and Business) Rules, 2019. Office hours are scheduled till 5:30 pm.

09 boxes were sealed by a committee constituted under the chairmanship of Additional Collector Mr. JR Chaurasia. Auxiliary Minerals Officer Shri Fagulal Nagesh informed that the tender / auction opening and technical qualifying bidders (preferential bidders) are Group-H, Group-I, Group-J, Group-K on 24 February 2021 and Group-L, Group- on 25 February 2021. M, Group-N, Group-O, Group-P Tender / auction is to be opened and the preferred bidder is to be declared.