Giga Battery Manufacturing Facility at Bangalore: Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja

Qpi Technology Announces New Subsidiary Qpivolta With Disruptive Quantum Based Battery Technology and Unveils Blueprint of Giga Battery Manufacturing Facility at Bangalore

Saturday, May 1, 2021 Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Qpi Technology announces new subsidiary Qpivolta to manufacture Solid state batteries and in future all important Quantum batteries to power anything from cell phones, EVs, energy utilities and space ships.

Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggested “Qpi Technology has an objective and vision to serve humanity with its advanced technologies. Qpivolta will be crown jewel of technology innovation by Qpi Technology. Batteries will play significant role in advancement of humanity. Initial analysis of technology we are using is very encouraging. Starting with solid state batteries based on new material we are working on and all-important Quantum batteries will advance many energy dependent applications. Will make our planet greener and less dependent on fossil fuels.” Further Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggested that “Next two years will be experiments using our Quantum technology at scale, Late in 2022, we may start hunting for location for manufacturing facility for chemical factory driven by Quantum simulation and synthesis. For first Phase of battery giga factory, we have budgeted Rs 1000 crore investment for the manufacturing plant. This will be still initial manufacturing facility that is not production ready. Production is planned between 2025-2026 when one or many of these battery technologies becomes stable that yield cost and performance benefits. From then on we will continuously bring newer battery technologies with high volume and throughput from Manufacturing facility based out of Bangalore.”

Further government aid in enabling these kind manufacturing capabilities out of India will be of great help. Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggested “I understand government is eager to help, we are very thankful for that and expect a lot of help from Indian government and Government of Karnataka here. Apart from technology advancement, it will create large number of jobs in manufacturing facility and high-end research jobs in R&D. Value addition of IPs and know how that will be created on Indian Soil will be unmeasurable.”
Further Dr Nagendra Nagaraja added that “Qpivolta, along with Qpicloud (built on data centres based on QpiAI Quantum compute and special hybrid processors) will be two big opex and capex heavy subsidiaries of Qpi Technology. I am aware of kind of operations leadership required in these two companies and we will be nurturing current leadership talent in the Qpi Technology companies and also looking to bring new talents to handle these technology innovations at massive scale.”

On partnership, customers and supply chain Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggested, “We are expecting major technical breakthrough in later 2022 and early 2023, We would definitely like to partner with major battery suppliers, distributors, electronics OEM and EV manufacturers around the world to ramp up our volumes. We do expect 4-5 variants of batteries for different applications. Since our innovation has great cost, performance benefits and possibilities of world’s best energy density, we do expect robust distribution channels, picking up the end products at volume. But bigger problem will be supply chain, we are working hard to figure that out. There are good amount sources of raw materials we require. We would like to create sources both in India and abroad as priority."

On funding the project Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggested, “We will easily have parent company Qpi Technology commit full funding required for this project once we have pro-type proven in late next year. We would also look for next level of funding through high quality investors, working capital loans for priority sectors, Advances from customers and government grants. Investments will come via parent company.”

SuperQ Comes out of Stealth Mode and Announces High Temperature Super Conducting Single Photon Detector and Super Conducting Motors as New Products

SuperQ technologies India Private limited which is a subsidiary of Qpi Technology comes out of stealth mode with CeNSE (Centre of nano Sciences, IISc) lab access and announces 2 new product lines.

Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Qpi Technology and founder of SuperQ announced details about products “We are happy to take wrap out of SuperQ patented High temperature Superconducting Single Photon detector (SSPD), which works at telecom wavelength and will be basic building block of quantum internet, Future telecom networks and many other medical and healthcare applications. This will be available to telecom and healthcare customer for sampling and building their systems by Q1/Q2 of 2022. Superconducting motors is another path breaking product built on SuperQ patented material technology. Both these products are backed by powerful analysis and synthesis setup based on Quantum computing and AI.”

Dr Amlan Mukherjee, Director and Technical lead at SuperQ suggested, “Current SSPD is way costlier for commercial applications, Also they work at 2.5K, which keeps cost of these SSPDs at around 100K USD. With our high temperature SSPD operating at 11k+, we can bring down cost significantly and hence making product viable for Quantum network, telecom applications and medical application. We have created great IP, now eager to put it in the hands of customer sooner with good help from IISc and CeNSE ecosystem.” Further details of the product and technology can be found on website
High temperature superconducting motors can improve motor efficiency by 30-50%. First application is in shipping industry. Challenges that SuperQ solving is that of cooling system in a dynamic device like motors. If it goes mainstream can change the entire applications spectrum for commodity industrial motors to motors in EVs. SuperQ patent technology will have to evolve for longer time to reach commercial applications at higher volumes. But Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggests, “With our expertise in Quantum computing and Materials, we may fundamentally redesign motors to make it work with high temperature superconductors. There is a fundamental innovation that we will deliver here.”

On further funding to scale SuperQ, Dr Nagendra Nagaraja suggested that “Qpi Technology the parent company of SuperQ is committed to fund entire prototype effort of up to $1-1.5 million USD and beyond if required. During scaling of the products, funding is expected to come from initial advances from customers, funding from Qpi technology and working capital loans”.