Governor Kalraj Mishra appealed on New Strains of Corona

Take complete precautions to prevent new strains of corona

Jaipur, 03 March. Governor Kalraj Mishra has appealed to the general public to take precautions to protect against the new strain of Corona. He said that even after getting vaccinated, adopt prescribed measures to prevent corona. Avoid unnecessary traveling, keep a mask on and keep two yards and complete hygiene rules.

Governor Shri Mishra said in an appeal issued on Wednesday that it is a matter of concern that new cases of corona with infection of Kovid in Kerala, Maharashtra and other neighboring states have come to the fore. He said that the corona is not over yet and the new strain of the corona is more dangerous than the old strain. It spreads rapidly.

Governor Shri Mishra said that prevention of corona is the biggest solution to it, so if you experience any symptoms related to it, seek medical advice immediately.

He said that according to doctors, the vaccine of Kovid is completely safe. Do not pay attention to any kind of rumors and misconceptions in this regard.