Govt. Swami Vivekanand PG College Vaccination Center Schedule Announced

Mandendragarh College has prepared Vaccination Schedules

Vaccination center built for the students studying in Government Vivekananda Postgraduate College, Manendragarh: Time table is also ready

Korea June 24, 2021 Principal of Government Vivekananda Postgraduate College, Manendragarh, Dr. Sarojbala Shyag Bishnoi said that from June 25, 2021, a vaccination center for all students above 18 years of age has been set up in the college for Kovid-19 vaccination.

Every day (except Sundays) from 11 am to 5 pm, students studying in the college can get vaccinated by coming to the center with their identity card and Aadhar card. He said that the time table for vaccination has been prepared, according to which June 25 for BA first, second and third year, June 26 for B.Sc first, second and third year, June 28 for B.Com first, second and third year and 29th June has been fixed for the students of all semesters of MA, MSc, M.Com, PGDCA and BCA and all the missed students.

Appealed to the students that all the students must get vaccinated as a protective cover for the protection of Kovid-19. Scientists warn that to protect against the coming third wave of Kovid-19, take priority to get vaccinated, so that you can protect yourself from the coming third wave of Kovid-19. Students will enter the college campus following the rules of Kovid-19 like wearing masks and following social distance.