Green Signal to Spicy Buttermilk Vehicle in Raipur Municipal Corporation Area

Raipur, 15 April 2020 - Urban Administration and Labor Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahria today flagged off a carriage vehicle of 35000 Packets of Spicy Buttermilk 'Masala Chhachh' for the poor and the needy from his residence office here.

It is noteworthy that for the prevention of infection of Corona virus (Covid-19), the poor and the needy through Donation on Wheels at the initiative of District Administration for the distressed workers, poor and needy in various places, factory areas due to the circumstances arising in lockdown.

Arrangements are being made for food, ration, vegetables and other necessary materials. In this episode, with the efforts of Pramod Dubey, Chairman of Municipal Corporation Raipur, 35 thousand packets of spice buttermilk have been donated by Mr. Subham Agarwal and Mr. Bakar Abbas. Spices buttermilk will be distributed to the needy people of the Municipal Corporation area Raipur through the district administration.