Half Of Global Top 10 Hospitals Are Based In The U.S. in 2022 WORLD'S BEST HOSPITALS LIST


NEW YORK, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Newsweek has released the 2022 World's Best Hospitals List for the third year in a row in partnership with Statista. The rankings recognize 2,200 hospitals across 27 countries, including the three new additions of Columbia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The United States has a dominating presence on the Global Top 150 list, claiming 33 hospitals overall and an extraordinary half of the top 10 spots. Germany claims the second highest number at 14 and Italy and France come in at 10 each. These rankings highlight medical institutions that have weathered the immense challenges posed by the global pandemic by continuing to deliver the highest-quality patient care, conducting critical research, and attracting top-tier talent.

The top ten World's Best Hospitals are:

  1. Mayo Clinic - Rochester (US)
  2. Cleveland Clinic (US)
  3. Massachusetts General Hospital (US)
  4. Toronto General - University Health Network (Canada)
  5. Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)
  6. The Johns Hopkins Hospital (US)
  7. AP-HP - Hôpital Universitaire Pitié Salpêtrière (France)
  8. Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden)
  9. UCLA Health – Ronald Reagan Medical Center (US)
  10. Sheba Medical Center (Israel)

Despite the instability caused by COVID-19, this year's list shows consistency at the top of the field. The top 4 hospitals have remained locked in their positions from 2021, and the UCLA Health - Ronald Reagan Medical Center broke into the top 10 after placing 17th the previous year. The rankings are based on three data sources: recommendations from over 80,000 medical experts in 27 countries, patient experience surveys and medical key performance indicators (KPIs).

"The medical community has been under an unprecedented level of stress over the past two years, and the ability to consistently maintain excellence is a testament to everyone working in this area," said Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, Newsweek. "This list is meant to identify quality care and provide a guide for patients and their families."

"The incredible size and scope of this project can give insight to people all over the world seeking medical treatment," said Evan Tobias, Director of Licensing, Statista. "We're proud to keep the partnership with Newsweek going on this list year after year and acknowledge the institutions and people working tirelessly to save lives."

The World's Best Hospitals 2022 ranking lists the best hospitals in 27 countries: U.S.,Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Colombia.The countries were selected based on multiple comparability factors, such as standard of living/life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals and data availability.

To review the entire list, go to https://www.newsweek.com/wbh-2022.

The lists are based on three data sources: recommendations from over 80,0000 medical experts (doctors, hospitals managers, health care professionals) in 27 countries; publicly available data from existing patient surveys; and medical key performance indicators (KPIs) on hospitals, i.e. data on quality of treatment and hygiene measures.

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