Happy World Environment Day 2020: Greetings & Best Wishes

Raipur: 'World Environment Day': A golden opportunity to make a deep harmony between nature and humans at the present time - Bhupesh Baghel
Chief Minister wishes World Environment Day to the people of the state

    Raipur, 04 June 2020 Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has extended heartfelt greetings and best wishes to the people on the occasion of World Environment Day. He has said in his greeting message that the whole world is being affected by deteriorating balance of environment and increasing pollution. The survival of organisms depends on the mutual harmony of other components of their environment. Our haphazard activities for the degradation of nature have created a crisis for many organisms. Many problems like irregular rain, global warming, ultraviolet rays have started affecting our lives. To maintain our existence, we have to think in the direction of saving the environment, otherwise it will be difficult for future generations to breathe in open air.

    The Chief Minister said that World Environment Day inspires to deepen the harmony between man and nature. The theme of World Environment Day this year is based on biodiversity. Its purpose is to promote 'Time for Nature'. He said that at present time a positive aspect of the lockdown implemented worldwide to protect against corona infection has come to the fore. Pollution has been recorded and animals and animals are seen enjoying nature. This is a golden opportunity for us to self-assess and assess our actions and cooperate in creating an environment friendly environment.
    Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that a target has been set to plant 5 crore saplings in Chhattisgarh. To make plantation operations viable, it has been decided to plant saplings according to the need of the forest dwellers in Vananchal, so that the forest dwellers get regular income from the forests. He said that we should make people aware to do more and more plantation along with protecting trees from their surroundings. We should pledge to save the environment for the better future of our future generations so that we can contribute to the creation of healthy pollution free Chhattisgarh and healthy India.

Raipur: Try unitedly with dedication towards environmental protection: Ms. Uikey

Raipur, 04 June 2020 On the occasion of World Environment Day, Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uike has called upon the citizens to keep the environment clean and strive unitedly for the protection of environment.
The Governor has said in his message that environment is an invaluable gift of creation. We have to save it. In ancient times we understood the importance of environment and there was a state of equilibrium with nature, but today in the race for modern development, a state of imbalance between human and nature has arisen. Due to this, natural disasters like pollution, climate change, flood, drought are being faced. It is time that we try to save the environment by staying alert.
The Governor said that in order to preserve the environment, keep cleanliness in the place around you, do not contaminate the river, pond, puddle. To prevent pollution and save the environment, plant at least one plant and conserve them as well. Explain the importance of environment to children at home and make them resolve to conserve the environment.

Governor's greetings on World Environment Day, Need for awareness for environmental protection
Every person must plant at least two plants

Jaipur, 4 June 2020 Governor Kalraj Mishra has said that public awareness is needed for environmental protection. He said that we all have to unite and stop pollution.

Mr. Mishra has congratulated and greeted the people of the State on World Environment Day. He has said that everyone will have to make concerted efforts to protect the environment.
The Governor said that we should celebrate Environment Day by connecting with the environment and let us all realize the significance of this day. The Governor has expressed the need to celebrate each day of the year as World Environment Day.

Mr. Mishra has called upon the people of the state that every person of the state must plant at least two plants. He said that people will also have to discharge the responsibility of fertilizer, water and safety of these plants for five years.

Assembly Speaker Dr. C.P. Joshi's Congratulations

 Jaipur, 04 June 2020 Assembly Speaker Dr. C.P. Joshi has congratulated and greeted the people of the State on World Environment Day. He has said that a balanced environment is essential for human life.