Hero Delivery riders & Just lettuce, cucumbers and potatoes in China during Corona Crisis

Delivery riders win support and empathy amidst COVID-19 pandemic by sharing experiences on Kuaishou
Kuaishou user attracts 220,000 followers using just lettuce, cucumbers and potatoes

Beijing, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Video platforms such as Kuaishou have made a difference humanizing less glamourous professions through this pandemic. Through viewing lives from another perspective, people have realized the importance of cleaners, hawkers and of course, riders.

Gao Zhixiao, 32, a Bejing delivery rider, knows firsthand the tensions and pressures of riding daily in a big metropolitan city. Selected for the cover of this month's Time Magazine cover, Gao shot to fame by documenting his life on Kuaishou, showing the public what delivery riders go through to bring their food, and other times daily necessities, to their doorstep.

In his videos, Gao shares lessons and anecdotes for people to discuss and ponder. For example, Gao's Kuaishou viewers learn about the measures that riders have to take before embarking on their deliveries. We also learn that he doesn't just deliver food, but also daily items such as snacks and drinks, to larger items such as 25kg bags of rice and flour, cooking oil and huge bottles of drinking water.

Gao shares not only his life on Kuaishou, but also the lives of those he meets. He helped an old lady suffering from diabetes to get her medicine, and also helped her cook a meal and take out the garbage; he also sent a phone charger to a COVID-19 patient at the hospital. "I could even hear the virus landing on my clothes," Gao said, standing outside the quarantine area of the hospital and looking at the armed doctors inside. 

These humanizing stories have resulted in recognition and greater empathy for gig economy workers, earning them official recognition and state benefits in the form of housing, insurance and legal protection. Kuaishou has also given the spotlight to such creators, allowing them to expand their viewer base and gain more fans.

Kuaishou provides a video-sharing social networking service, allowing users to create and share videos with a full array of resources to assist in the creative process. It's an interactive community of videos that lets you connect with friends and Internet users through posts, likes and comments. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Kuaishou user attracts 220,000 followers using just lettuce, cucumbers and potatoes

Beijing, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Using everyday ingredients and necessities, Li Xiaodong, 39, also known as @xuanbaobaba on Kuaishou, attracted more than 220,000 followers as he recreates cutscenes and characters from popular movies and stories. Li claimed this idea came to him, while he was on lockdown at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Li, a feature film postproduction professor by training, found himself bored and looking for an outlet to express his creativity. Other than cooking, Li spent time watching reruns of his favorite movies, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). Frustrated, he pieced his love for cooking and movies together and thus inspired his unique artform.

Li credited his viral videos to the ubiquity of the well-known, and well-loved, films. "Many creative internet celebrities film things that are trendy, but I prefer old school stuff, I watch martial arts movies and read classic Chinese novels when I was young, so I like to make something like that", said Li.

For Li, the work is all about being authentic in an age of social media and putting his energy in things he likes with his loved ones. Li now has more than 220,000 followers on Kuaishou since he posted his first home-made blockbuster on the 16th February. These short videos staring various household food and objects have proven a hit with fans, with many following him on Kuaishou across national and language boundaries. 'Will Smith even once liked and shared my videos!' Li exclaims.

As he prepares to share behind-the-scene tutorials of his viral videos, he hopes to be a pioneer in this field and encourage more people to look for beauty in their everyday environments. The pandemic might have put many things on a halt, but it has also allowed people to channel their unstoppable creativity and heartfelt emotions, which turn kitchens into movie studios, and encourages people to see the beauty of a different medium of expression.