Home Isolation Corona Survivor Sonpuri's Kashyap Couple

Kashyap couple come out of Corona's Clutches while living in home isolation

Raipur 11 May 2021  72-year-old Mr. Ramphal Kashyap and his 66-year-old wife Mrs. Vimala Devi Kashyap have come out of the corona by staying in Home Isolation. While showing awareness, the Kashyap couple got Corona examined soon after the symptoms came and started treatment while staying in Home Isolation when the report came positive.
    The Kashyap couple living in Sonpuri, gram panchayat of development block Kota in Bilaspur district, believes that taking medicines at the right time with full confidence in the consultation of doctors and corona can be defeated if there is positive thinking. He told that on being in home Isolation, doctors used to call him twice daily and take health information and also give necessary advice. He said that he was also scared after his report on April 19 came positive, but the doctors constantly boosted his morale. The report of his 37-year-old daughter-in-law, Mrs. Pushpa Kashyap, was also positive in his family. During this time, everyone adopted medicine as well as home remedies and pranayama in their lifestyles. Everyone conquered the corona by staying in the Home Isolation.