Cops Taking On Corona & Rohit Shetty's 8 Hotels Facility with Rest Shower Change Breakfast & Dinner

21 April 2020 - Once again Film Maker Rohit Shetty come forward for helping Corona warriors.

What he did after Rs 51 Lacs donation? Read in words of Mumbai Police:
Rohit Shetty has facilitated eight hotels across the city for our on-duty Covid Warriors to rest, shower & change with arrangements for breakfast & dinner.

We thank him for this kind gesture and for helping us in Taking On Corona and keeping Mumbai safe.

It's 'Dangerous' outside, 'better do what you can' - stay home to 'beat Corona'!

MP Nagar Hotel Corona Suspect is Negative in Test

Sample of corona virus suspect turned negative
Health check up of all hotel staff
Bhopal: Friday, March 20, 2020, The sample of a person suspected of corona virus has been found negative in a hotel in Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal. Prompt action was taken by the Chief Medical Officer as per the guidelines of the Central Government.