I Take The Greater Crown... United DR In Unison: Debbie Aflalo Miss Universe Dominican Republic

The Very Inspiring, Touching The Hearts and Patriotic “After Miss Universe @ Eilat Israel” Statement by Debbie Aflalo Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2021 who superbly performed in Miss Universe Arena Eilat, in verbatim:

From the bottom of my heart ...

When I decided to participate in the national contest to opt for the crown to the universe, I told myself that I should do an impeccable job, work hard and do it well but better not do it, that is why I did not rest a single night or a single morning , forcing myself to fulfill an agenda that would lead me to "success" because I knew there were things I still had to work on to achieve the goal. That night when they did not choose me to wear the crown my mind was clouded, but my soul smiled. Something in me told me it was going to be me! A week later they gave me the news that I was the new ambassador of Dominican beauty, between tears and other emotions I spoke to myself again, this time to tell myself, this is no longer for you, but for an entire nation. A nation that since Miss Azua has loved me, supported me and applauded me. Dominican Republic, how much I thank you for all your love, you were the engine that drove me to continue every time I wanted to stop, every night when I went to bed at 2am and had to wake up at 4am because I had to be ready very early to start with the Miss Universe schedule of activities. I swear to you that each one of them was worth it, I had fun and enjoyed every moment of that experience, I met wonderful people, I had the opportunity to step on holy ground, to learn more about my roots and although that night we were not called to the top, I did not I was saddened, because I know that I had given everything, as I promised to do, despite having the time and many other things against it, I decided to leave the name of my country high and although I did not achieve the title of Miss Universe, I take the greater crown and is having united the Dominican Republic in unison in support, emotion and hope. God knows my heart, he knows why he allows things or not and I will never question his plans. 🙏🏽I can only say, THANK YOU AND A MILLION THANKS MORE THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Att .: Your luxury queen, as they nicknamed me, I love you❤️.
Debbie aflalo