So IFFI Never Ends, Highlights of 52nd IFFI 2021 Goa India, First Ever Collaboration with OTT Platforms

Yes, a true film lover can and will never have enough of the celebration of films; owing to him and her and to the evangelizing influence of passionate admirers of the art and science of filmmaking, film festivals such as IFFI will live on even as they close officially, their electrifying spirit reverberating in the minds and illuminating the hearts of the people who have been fortunate to have had even as much as a brush with the celebration.

Director Sanghamitra Chaudhury Presents 15,000 Sainbari Killings Movie Sainbari to Sandeshkhali in IFFI 2021 Goa

Why Battle of Sainbari is not in our history books, where 15,000 people were killed in just one night, asks Director of IFFI 52 Indian Panorama Non Feature Film “Sainbari to Sandeshkhali”

Justice awaits victims of Sainbari killings, I would like the entire world to watch this film and know what happened: Director Sanghamitra Chaudhury

Panaji, 25 November 2021: “If Jallianwala Bagh, Battle of Panipat and Battle of Buxar appear in our history books, why not Battle of Sainbari where 15,000 people were killed in just one night?”

Actress Judith Rodriguez in Goa IFFI, Addressing Media and Press

Actress, Judith Rodriguez, Actor, Hony Estrell and Representative of Production Company Edward Diaz of Spanish Film ‘Rafaela’ addressing the press conference at the 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2021), in Panaji, Goa on November 22, 2021.

Actress, Judith Rodriguez of Spanish Film ‘Rafaela’ addressing media

It is beautiful to have the liberty to create what we want to see: ‘Rafaela’ Actor Judith Rodriguez at IFFI-52

Women have the power to tell their stories in their own ways: Actor Judith Rodriguez

IFFI 2021 Kaleidoscope: Bad Luck Banging Or Loony Porn and The Worst Person In The World Etc.

IFFI unwraps Kaleidoscope package, 11 films to be showcase
IFFI 52 unveils Potpourri of films in World Panorama Section
55 cinematic gems from across the world to be presented at World Panorama Section

Thurs, Nov, 18, 2021, New Delhi, India: The films selected for Festival Kaleidoscope at The 52nd International Film Festival of India are as follows-

  1. Bad Luck Banging Or Loony Porn

Director: Radu Jade | Romania, Luxembourg, Croatia,Czech Republic | Romanian